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Housing Issues and Dog stuff

Community & Housing Scrutiny Committee met on 14th September and the meeting progressed well without any Executive input. We debated the hard facts of the escalating cost of living and cuts in benefits with more promised. Tenants are facing difficult times and unusually, politics entered the meeting over reduced benefits. Members of this Coalition were accused of wanton cutbacks Others argued it was the result of a toxic legacy of the previous administration that brought the country’s economy to the brink of bankruptcy. With the Press in attendance political show-boating is always irresistible. The real issues, regardless of who is to blame is that tenants face the problem of sliding in and out of work and risk falling behind with rent payments and all those stressful consequences. The “Council’s Million pounds in arrears” on the front page of the Leader made uncomfortable but accurate reading. Despite the challenging climate, Head of Housing, the housing team are putting considerable support into helping families who are falling into arrears or have debt problems. Staff are keen to prevent arrears escalating and and people falling into homelessness. The message is to offer help before the wheel comes off in vulnerable people’s lives. Tenants …..

Knee No 2 and further problems facing the Coalition. August 17h September 2011

Crepitus (nasty grinding noises) was present when my equality case was settled in 1992.  Knee problems are on both sides of the family so the chance of escaping the condition entirely was remote indeed. I reported on the 17th August at the unearthly hour of 7.15am at Gobowen to be  given a new knee by Mr S Karlacki who had examined the offending joint weeks earlier and pronounced the time had come to operate. The waiting room was full.  Patients peeled off and by 11.30am, I was alone with a lady from Ellesmere Port and her spouse.  We were soon joshing with each other to guess who would be at the bottom of the list for the theatre.  Of course it turned out to be me. Progressing to the ward, I was seen by the anaesthetist and told I would be in theatre by 3pm.  Much muttering with new found friend as to why we had been summonsed to the hospital so early as nothing had passed our lips since 9pm the previous evening.  By 2 30pm, I was loosing my cool particularity when new found friend was wheeled off for the appointment with the knife.  Nick, the ward sister …..