The Christians who belong to Cornerstone prayed for good weather and it arrived in full measure last Saturday when I sat-naved my way to Upper Bryn Coch in Mold as I had been invited to a BBQ by Monica, Pat and Terry, the main movers in this excellent charity.  Shirley led prayers which were most innovative as a bowl of fruit was passed round and instruments handed out to ensure we all joined the sing-a long together to celebrate the day.  Cornerstone is undergoing a tortuous but worthwhile process of being accepted by L Arche, a world wide charity founded by a French sailor, Jean Vanier who saw the desperate need of deeply disabled young people, several of whom endured a life of misery, locked up and given minimum care.  Jean must have been touched by God and I was fortunate enough to hear him when he came to Southport some years ago.  He is an inspiration and we all returned home burning to bring a L’ Arche type set up in Flintshire to care for our own disabled.  I am sure there will be a carefully chosen place in Heaven for this good man. Terry multi-tasked as he cooked the food and dealt with the music being played through a laptop.  Everything ran like clockwork and soon we were tucking into BBQ fare, big bowls of pasta and salad followed by iced buns, fruit and ice cream.  Having pigged out on the burgers, I had no room for the pud and left the party early as emails and other correspondence and chores beckoned. There are many hurdles to overcome and funds required are large but such is the dedication and drive of these lovely people, I know they will succeed in setting up this very commendable project. COMMUNITY CELEBRATIONS. August depresses me as I think that the summer is almost over and furthermore it always rains.  1st August proved me right again as it teemed down just as I was getting ready to go to Daleside Garden Centre for the Community in Bloom awards ceremony.  A real monsoon fell and water was gushing up through a man hole cover as I turned out of my estate.  The road was flooded and I whooshed my way to the Garden Centre and arrived somewhat soggy from head to toe.  Hawarden Community Council runs a competition every year for various categories, from best hanging basket to patio and best front and back gardens, etc.  I was a judge a couple of years ago and found it must challenging as everyone had something to offer and had clearly made great effort. All the prizewinners pictures were laid out on a table for inspection according to the category of the award.  Cllr Clive Carver with chain of office welcomed us and then we got on with the serious business of handing out the awards assisted by the Vice Chair V Amos and Noel our most efficient Clerk. Refreshments and the winning garden vouchers were all provided by Strikes of Daleside and every one went home well pleased.  My only grouse was that even amongst all those garden experts, no one could tell me who is nibbling my courgettes.  The bite marks are quite deep.  If any one has any idea what I need to do to protect the vegetables, I’d love to hear.  COBRAS? An exaggeration I confess but waking even earlier than usual on 4th August, I went to a front bedroom to admire the crimson dawn and to my horror saw a snake motionless on the carpet.  It looked adderish but I’m no expert.  I shot downstairs to collect a camera and heavy gardening gloves and plucked up the courage to remove it.  I dropped a handy pair of knickers over it and grabbed it.  It did not move.  I shot downstairs, through the patio door I had opened in advance, tore into the garden and flung the snake onto the ground.  It bounced!  Yes, it was made of rubber and even had its fangs out as if ready to strike.  It really was realistic with its yellow undercarriage and snakey body.  My junior cat appeared from no where looking smug and sneaky. When I came downstairs again, my cobra was now in the conservatory.  No need to look further for the culprit I think. A place in Heaven has already been mentioned and the grieving family of Joy Soffe know that their beloved daughter is safely with the Lord.  A dreadful accident occurred last Friday when a bike ride turned into tragedy and claimed the life of the thirteen year old daughter when she was struck by a car.  The family live in my ward and I offer them my deepest condolences.

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