Just 7 months ago, I gave homes to a couple of young cats whose owner had moved; leaving them behind.  As they had lived together I took them both on and they grew glossy and sleek in the lap of luxury.  My own chocolate tabby who was boss of the roost for several years had shown her metal when she took on the cats next door and did her bit of terrorising one for a time so I felt Coriander would exert her will again.  Wrong.  As the weeks rolled by, Cranberry began to seriously chase the senior cat, waiting for her, hunting her and frequently chasing her out of the house.  Coriander became terrified, appeared less frequently and slunk around always worrying that the new cat would attack her again.  The cats exchanged blows at first but Coriander knew she had met her match and just fled.  I tried everything.  Fed Coriander separately, got her out of the house by the front door to cut the confrontation and and threw things at Cranberry to deter the pursuits. Last Friday, she met Cranberry in the kitchen and I hastily closed the door as the new cat geared up for another chase.  I let Coriander out of the front door and did not see her again until Sunday. I lit a candle and offered prayers for her safe return.  It’s said that if a cat is so unhappy it will take itself off to a new billet.  Sunday evening Cranberry was trying to get into the cupboard under the stairs.  I heard a low growl and peering through the gloom, was my precious Coriander. She was taken to my room and spent the night on a blanket sleeping the sleep of an exhausted animal. Conference later with Linda, the neighbour with two cats herself.  She told me that she had found Coriander in her house and fed her two pouches of food which indicated she was really hungry. Linda related how Cranberry had begun to chase Coriander around her house and lie in wait for her if she crossed into Linda’s garden.”I’m happy to take Coriander in”, said Linda, “ but the problem is a bullying cat who behaviour is getting worse”.  “One cat has to go”. And so on Monday when North Clwyd Animal Rescue agreed to take her back,  Linda put her in a basket and drove us to the Rescue place where she handed Cranberry over and made sure she was safe in a cage.  I could not bear to say good bye to her.  She’s already had two homes in a year and her next one will be difficult to beat.  If any one wants a handsome cat where she does not have to share with another, then give her a home.  She uses a cat flap, loves to play and is not fussy with food.  She wanted to be top cat and pursuing Coriander became her obsession.  Now Wednesday 27th, Coriander is slowly regaining her confidence. She’s started to appear again and is less cowed.  I hope that before long she will forget her bad experience and life will return to normal for her.  I wish Cranberry well but it just didn’t work out. THE PERILS OF SERVING AS A LIBDEM NORTH WALES AM. ( Another tale of victim and hunter maybe!) Coriander’s woes pale into insignificance when compared with the fate of Eleanor Burnham, a talented and very hard working AM, the regional  list member who served as the First on the List for 10 years for her Party.  I had met Eleanor so many times when fulfilling my own political duties. I just knew she put in the hours and was an esteemed ambassador for her Party.  Despite a heavy cold, she sang at the funeral of Anne, John Marek’s wife and she was always there for the residents of her large constituency.  Without any explanation it seems and flying in the face of her ten year loyal stint with all that travel; she lost the first place on the Regional List to a Wrexham candidate.  In May, he won and then had to stand down as his election was judged irregular. Eleanor then went into limbo.  No one would give her any hope at all that she would soon return as the N Wales choice for her Party.  Eleanor then became the hunted one and for Cranberry maybe read Kirsty Williams, the Welsh Lib Dem Leader who had allegedly done nothing whatsoever to help her back bench colleague even at this time of great uncertainly for Eleanor.  Nothing down for Eleanor it seemed during WAG duty either.  No committee chair for Eleanor either as when a vacancy arose, Kirsty took it for herself thus preventing Eleanor adding a little extra to the pay packet and pension. As stated, in June this year, the long knives were being seriously wielded against Eleanor by a man who is no stranger to controversy himself, none other than my junior former police colleague in Merseyside, Bill Brereton.  Bill left North Wales with a medical pension and in extremely controversial circumstances in 2004.  He was investigated by an outside force into alleged bullying by Brereton against female staff members at Colwyn Bay.  Undeterred by adding significantly to his already well heeled police pension by the medical discharge route, Bill went on to add a Quango to his earnings pot and yet, such is his versatility, he was seemingly snapped up by the Lib Dem Party Acting Secretary for the Flintshire Branch.  More pay into the now burgeoning pension pot it seems as the post is apparently paid for by Party Members. Having reported earlier in the blog on Cranberry’s harassing behaviour, there seems to be a resemblance between cat and the Acting Secretary who wrote “that he had been instructed…. and asked the former Regional Assembly Member” to explain that her behaviour did not bring the party into disrepute.  This serious allegation  was made in a letter seen by me.  She had been asked to explain remarks attributed to her in an “off the air” briefing with a journalist following the farce of the Aled Roberts election when he was suspended from taking up his seat in Cardiff.  The letter was quite intimidating and caused her considerable stress particularly when she did no know then if she had a future or not as an AM.  No one was saying! LibDems exist to build a fair and open society in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community…..Humm.  Watch this space. Explanations will now be called from several highly placed Libdem luminaries to ask how a decent, committed and hard working public servant is given the boot at the age of 60.  She is still waiting for a thank you letter from the Welsh Lib Dem Leader herself, one Kirsty Williams.  Eleanor’s treatment casts a long shadow over her Party’s high principles and vaulting ideals.  Not a party I would wish to join at any rate. Even Cranberry would not be so mean either.

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