THE BLOODLESS COUP- Hawarden Community Council AGM- 9.5.11.

I wished I had ignored the summons to attend the AGM of our Community Council.  I’d had a busy birthday weekend and early on the Monday morning, I took my place on the Planning Bus amongst the few faithful members who invariably find the time to familiarise themselves with sites and surroundings of planning applications due to be discussed on the Wednesday.  But duty is duty so I read my papers and attended as usual. Big night as its the exchange of chains as the year’s Chair    hands over his badge of office to the new incumbent, Cllr Clive Carver of Hawarden.  Speeches of farewell and acceptance duly despatched, the business of appointing members for the various posts began in earnest.  We all welcomed Community Cllr V Amos as Clive’s vice chair and clapped appreciatively as she gave her acceptance speech. After that, the clapping clearly stopped as two senior councillors then proceeded to undertake a well thought out exercise of divvying out the chairs for the new year.  With ruthless efficiency, both voting for each other’s nominations in turn, they bagged for themselves the two most influential chairs, Staff & General Purposes and Community and Environment and duly awarded a member of their County political group, the Chair of Finance.  I’m busy enough with Councillor work so losing the Staff and General Purposes chair was no hardship but to have no warning of any kind that I was now superfluous to requirements nor one  word of recognition for a faithful year of well attended duty was both humiliating and disrespectful to me.  Politics normally takes a back seat but not any more it seems.  The Ruling Party had snatched control but of course, it is an election year! I hope that the the new chair of the Community and Environment committee puts in a better attendance that the one on the Planing & Control Committee.  Never been seen on a site visit-  YET- and appears to send a sub on a regular basis.

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