Innocent Eddie Gilfoyle was released from prison on 22nd December after his first application to a Parole  Board despite losing two previous appeals.  Sadly, everything in the life of this decent man is never easy and his release came the complication of a gagging order and instructions not to enter his own stamping ground, the Wirral.  Eddie was goaled for 25 years after being found guilty of strangling his eight-&-half months pregnant wife, Paula in the family garage. Detectives believed that Eddie had fooled Paula into writing a suicide note and then persuaded her to climb a ladder with a noose around her neck. The cops first thought it was a straight suicide, (which is now what the evidence has shown).  The investigating officer was new to the CID and checks and balances and sound police work such as conducting usual body tests just did not happen. The most worrying aspect of the investigation was that the  noose, that crucial prop that would have held the secret of how and by whom it was knotted vanished as did vital notebooks and medical notes. Two appeals failed and I suspect because defence lawyers were not allowed to offer all the new evidence.  A repentant Professor David Cantor admitted to me over lunch many months ago that although he had seen the error of his ways, having been apparently hoodwinked by the  police, he was apparently not allowed correct his error in front of their Lordships. I retired in September 1992, (10 months before Eddie was imprisoned) as a result of an injustice against me but enjoyed my freedom and the right to serve my community in another guise.  But Eddie was banged up in July 1993, spent the first months going though hell as he was targeted for bullying and abuse until moved to a less harsh prison environment.  He became a “listener”, and the two times I visited him, he exuded warmth, gentleness and forgiveness. His life has been wrecked by an appalling injustice mainly courtesy of Merseyside Police.  He has lost a wife, an unborn child and the lives of his sister and ex- police sergeant husband  have also been dreadfully scarred as they battled over the years to clear his name.  Eddie could have been released earlier but he refused to admit to being guilty.    Why should he?  All those votive candles I have lit for Eddie over the years have not been burnt in vain! Leaving County Hall last week, I recognised the wife of a leading politician sitting in the foyer.  I politely acknowledged her not wishing to be disrespectful.  Coincidentally, her name too is Paula.  The last time I saw her was on 19th April 09 when my invitation to Sunday lunch was accepted and arrangement had made between myself & Paula on 17th April 09. This fact is recorded in a journal of the same date by her husband. It was oddly  phrased?  “Alison spoke with my wife Paula to make the arrangements”.  “Conversation ended at 21:35hrs”. Did the writer need to name his wife and note the time?  We all returned to my home for tea enjoy cuddling the dogs in my sunny conservatory.  This happier occasion of both councillor and wife still flicks up as a slide show on one of my laptops. In June 2010, I learnt that the 17th April conversation had been severely inaccurately reported! The journal read that “concerning Patrick Heesom, “Alison calling him a bully  an extremely arrogant and aggressive fellow”.  I never made this remark.  It is a lie. The time has come for my side of the story: FACT 1. The Ombudsman sent me to an Adjudication Panel. Peter Tyndall has never revealed he knows me as I was a member of the WAG Audit committee and on several occasions, Mr T  had to face tough questioning when he was the CE of the Wales Arts Council. FACT 2.  The journal’s author wrote also in the 17th April testimony that I was upset and distressed.  He got the stadium wrong in his notes but he was right to say that I was upset. I rang him as he was an ex police man and I recalled with great stress being the force Duty Officer when Hillsborough erupted.  I had to set up the Casualty Bureau whose task is to separate the living fans from the dead.   As it was the anniversary of that dreadful occasion was around the 17th April. I chatted with him for some time and to lighten the gloom, mentioned 5 G & T’s. I regarded this politician in him as a friend and we chatted frequently in the evenings over work issues. Interestingly, no other of my numerous evening chat has been recorded in the journal; only that one! FACT 3. When asked by my Group when he was called to explain his journal why had he not rung me the following day to check I had meant to say what I had to him particularly if I had been drinking, he HAD no answer. He was told by one member that he had lost her respect for failing to obey decent rules of behaviour.  FACT 4. The road to Cardiff on the night of 19th February 09 is paved with gold in evidential terms. The journal shows that on that day, that the author had a conversation with Cllr Heesom and then later with me. The journal reads that these conversations occurred after the selection panel ended.  As soon as the meeting ended the author and another senior politician rapidly left County Hall together at 6.15pm in a county car and drove to Cardiff.  (The signed log book proves this as does a statement from the passenger.)  The next entry in the diary is a week later and shows that the author was on leave.  As there was no time to hold these conversations at the end of the selection panel which both Cllr Heesom and I have vehemently denied took place, the journal must be wrong! FACT 5. I am under investigation again by the Ombudsman.  I will break a Code of Conduct if I report why but of course this infamous journal is yet again at the heart of the matter!  I have made two  counter complaints against this senior politician acknowledging the huge waste of money each complaint generates. Unless I have misunderstood both serious and in my opinion totally provable have been rejected! More of this later) FACT 6.  Should I prove that the journal is false then I have compelling grounds to seek a judicial review as the case was based on flawed evidence.  That should lead to my conviction being quashed. Both the Head  of Investigations, (An ex Chief Supt. who I have reported in a Blog passim; appeared to have an agenda against me) and Mr Tyndall believed that the journal is true.  To quote from his various reports stating why I should go before an Adjudication Panel he writes, “ the journal appears to be contemporaneous and a fastidious account of records & conversations”.  It was never tested forensically. FACT 7. The Ombudsman belatedly asserts that I could have requested the original and then he informed me that the Panel knew that it had not been forensically evaluated but they nevertheless  believed it. The Ombudsman for Wales appears to me to be acting as the personal servant of my disingenuous friend. My plea for assistance to clear my name as I knew the diary was flawed, fell on deaf ears. The following is an insert from an email from his Head of Investigations. “It is not part of the Ombudsman’s function to assist you in any appeal or review of the evidence”. FACT 8.  I NOW know that my lawyer ignored my instruction to obtain the original journal.  We had a photocopy only.  Had my instruction been obeyed, I suggest events may have been very different. I would have been cleared and not been £10k the poorer. To compound my misery, the lawyers are pressing me hard for an extra eye watering demand I never agreed to much less ever knew about. FACT 9. The councillor has successfully withstood cross examination on the veracity of his journal in my Tribunal.  He has to take the stand and the oath again in Cllr Heesom’s Tribunal.  To run the risk of alleged perjury once is seriousness enough; to do so again with this warning that the diary must be flawed must surely mean a custodial sentence if convicted.  (7 years maximum for perjury). A friend always jokes how I fall into sewers & come up smelling of roses. What has happened to me is no joke.  FACT 10. I have been unjustly treated.  Although not on the scale suffered by Eddie Gilfoyle, but serious enough to have maligned me in a way that has harmed my reputation and caused me great stress. It is wrong that a senior councillor appears to have behaved in a pre-meditated and duplicitous way. Unless he can explain how that diary entry that implicated me and Cllr Heesom is sustainable; then he must surely consider his position?  He surely cannot be fit to hold public office? FACT 11.Two complaints I have made against my untruthful colleague have failed the O’s two part test, amazingly all those of my detractor are accepted. Complaint after complaint is being fired at me with the pace of a Gatling gun!  My favourite Ursuline nun knows my distress, prays for the councillor and implores me to forgive. Another  Shakespeare quote wanders runs though my battered soul. “The quality of mercy is not strained, it droppeth as the gentle rain from  heaven upon the place beneath.  It is  twice blessed: It blesses him that gives and him that takes.”  I’m off soon to help with church cleaning. Maybe I will pause a while to light that candle for this man who has done me so much harm.  Last night, I went for a Chinese restaurant with friends and shuddered to see my detractor with his Paula eating their meal.  He must realise that he has far more to settle in compensation for what  is surely malfeasance against me. If the journal can ‘no longer stand up’; he will need to find more than the cost of his Chinese New Year banquet.

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