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Letter to Chester Chronicle 19-1-11 in reply to “We ARE paying for legal bills”. 13th January 2011.

I applaud Gareth Williams letter in which he raises two vitally important points. Why has the case against Cllr Patrick Heesom taken so long and why is the County Council, and as he properly points out that means US as local taxpayers, having to pick up the tab for legal fees? I cannot answer the first question but justice delayed is justice denied and since he was suspended from his Executive post in March 09, Cllr Heesom had had his special responsibility allowance removed even though nothing had been proved against him. The law of one is innocent until found guilty clearly has not been applied to Cllr Heesom who has borne the loss of good Executive remuneration with dignity & patience. I understand that he has not claimed travel and other financial entitlements for the some 23 months of his suspension. The introduction of the Public Service for Wales Ombudsman (PSWO) with his £3.5million annual budget must be one of WAG’s worst decisions as even the Labour minister who introduced the legislation on 2005 is on record of saying it is not working as had been envisaged. With that huge budget the taxpayer is entitled to ask questions of …..


I got more than I bargained for during my yearly trip to North Clwyd Animal Rescue to drop off a donation.  Conversation turned to cats and I was led into the cat quarters which housed several small kittens and two bigger young females that had recently arrived.  Owners had left them behind when moving house and although taken into by a neighbour they proved too much of a handful and the Rescue team stepped in.  Having a cat already, I was not keen on two but staff were reluctant to split them and who would be left behind.  Unthinkable!  The decision would be just too traumatic! So I collected them from the vet’s after being spayed and micro-chipped, squeezed them both into my cat basket and headed for home in gently falling snow on 21st December. As soon as I came into the house, I knew there was something wrong.  The rads were cold & an a sinister hissing emanated from the conservatory. Water was over the floor and all the windows were steamed up reminding me of a sauna.  I fled to turn off the mains tap and assumed that the pipes feeding the washing machine that ran along …..