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NEIGHBOURS FROM? ( I think you will get the gist)! 20th December 2010.

My yellow mountain bike complete with a Sinclair electric  pedal assisted contraption perched over the rear wheel has been lying in my garage for years.  I bought it in a Birkenhead shop in 1992, after my police career ended as a result of my equality battle with the Home Office and my chief constable.  I had a vision of getting fit and keeping flexible as the dreaded arthritis was slowly beginning  to bite even then. For whatever reason, the dream of hurtling round the neighbourhood  never materialised of course. The bike gathered dust, the tyres went flat and the posh Sinclair was never allowed to propel my ample frame up the slopes.  So I galvanised myself last week, rang Capricorn Animal Rescue and asked them to collect it as it would certainly make something in a charity shop for Christmas. When no one turned up, with the help of Rob the neighbour, we managed to squeeze the machine into the car and having negotiated a snowy lane, I  rolled up with the bike a bag of cat pouches that my cat Coriander refused to eat.  What a transformation to the outhouses behind the Capricorn house since last I was there.  …..