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Something made me check my on-line bank on 3rd December & I noticed no police pension had been credited to the account.  Assuming a glitch because of the foul weather, I thought nothing more  but curiosity made me check on Monday 6th December, now a week after the money wad due. Still no pension. The sharp intake of breath from Ian of Merseyside Pensions, was audible when I rang and announced my identity.  “You are dead”. He explained. “We had an email dated 19th November from the secretary of Merseyside National Association of Retired Police Officers; (NARPO) who said you had died. He got it from a source”.  He read an email to me. ‘I have received news that the following pensioner had died’ details provided- Can you confirm or otherwise? Believing Ian had nothing  more to impart, I emailed secretary David Anderton who had broken the news of my death to the pension department. He regretted ‘causing me distress but it was merely a query as to whether you had passed away’. ‘I can assure you I did not pass this enquiry to anyone else’. ‘Most unsatisfactory’, was my response. ‘Sloppy system, why no death certificate rather than vague …..