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The Council’s Unitary Development Plan must be the longest consultation exercise in Welsh Planning history with parcels of land across the county being fought over as to their suitability to be built on and in some cases, being finally determined by the WAG Planning Inspector if public objections were too numerous to ignore. Before Flintshire amalgamated with their district neighbours local plans existed for each area so when the Unitary Authority was formed, trying to determine which bits of separate plans were relevant must have been a planing officers nightmare. So simplicity was needed and in all decisions of what stays in and what is rejected; there will be winners & losers. One such loser, although he did not deserve to do so was Cllr Clive Carver, Hawarden Ward who has strongly resisted the development of Overlea Drive, probably the only remaining green space in that ward. The full Council accepted most of the development plans but several sites were still not acceptable to local members so it was agreed these plots should be reviewed by a panel made up of cllrs from the Coalition and Labour members. Binders bulging with all relevant documents including the ward cllr’s observations were …..