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‘MEWSINGS’ OF A MEMBER. 2rd – 11th November – 10.

A friend I was long overdue in contacting rang me . “They don’t like you at all, do they, she announced at once referring to the newspaper coverage that I was under investigation again. “I must take great care in what I say as I must be aware that the Ombudsman considers that the disclosure of detail of the complaint to the local press or media may itself be a breach of the Code.” How he can say this when we have a Human Rights Act that allows free speech is odd.  Best not to ask questions as when I tried the last time to find answers needed  to defend myself, they were simply ignored. Doubtless repeating my request for a breakdown of the costs of this latest farce will also be ignored. The Daily Telegraph reported on 2nd November that “Councils have spent hundreds of millions of pounds on pay-offs, free trips & private health care for senior staff across the UK.  Millions on foreign trips, nearly £3 million on private health care last year & more than £5 million  in three years on redundancies and pay offs.  These areas of waste should properly be addressed by the Audit …..