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‘Mewsings’ of a Member. 18th October – 22nd October.

(I write entirely in my own private capacity and the views of Flintshire County Council form no part of this personal blog).                I was going to start by moaning that my council  work continues to mount and I was close to being overloaded.  I was a member of 17 committees when I first represented Ewloe ward in 1996-9 and I was anxious not to get to this level of “busyness” again but then I had another think. “If you want to get something done”, goes the saying, “give it to a busy person”. So, no moaning! My days are mostly fully occupied with interesting and useful activities and I’m playing a part in assisting to help people plus the fact I’m being paid.    The week started with a  meeting with Head of Planning and my ever knowledgeable colleague, Cllr Patrick Heesom  Vice Chair of Planning.  The last Planning committee meeting was too long and an item was deferred at short notice which caused understandable annoyance to residents who had taken time off work etc. to hear the debate.  We also had the unusual experience of a 3rd Party Speaker wishing to address us in Welsh.  Planning staff had secured the …..