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I’ve taken in a male lodger rather against my will but there was really no way of saying no. I really did not expect him to share my bedroom with me however!  His owner is a constituent and I know her as she has a very good beauty salon in Buckley that I enjoy visiting.  Over a week ago, she rang to ask me to take in her cat as her house had caught fire causing severe damage and the place was now uninhabitable  Having a feisty cat of my own who once terrorised the cats next door I was not keen and thought it might not work and hedged. By chance, I met the dog owning cat owner the following day as she was booking into St David’s Park hotel until rented accommodation could be found.  She mentioned she would have to find a temporary sleeping place for Fudge, her dog  as he was barred from the hotel.  I thought that one more dog each night would not be too much of a problem so I agreed to have him and so he arrived that evening accompanied by 4 tins of dog food.  Hufflepuff, my Schnauzer  immediately began flirting …..