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NEWS FROM COUNTY HALL. 11th October 2010.

 My Tory group met at 1300 to discuss yet another potential complaint I had received but my problems were swept away by breaking news brought to us by our Leader that the Council Leader, Cllr Arnold Woolley would be standing down.  His request to stay as Finance Executive member had apparently been rejected as well. Much rejoicing amongst some of my Group over the news Arnold was to step down and there was excited talk of buying champagne.  Before I left County Hall, I knew that a new political Group had been registered with officers and thus the New Independents Group was born as a new political entity on the Flintshire scene.  Fast forward to 9.30pm the same day.  Journalist rang to say he had heard that Cllr Woolley was to be sacked or face a vote of no confidence.  I told him what little I knew and agreed that my Group would welcome the “New Independents”.  Twelve hours the story had changed again (A week is a long time in politics is the old adage but when it comes to Flintshire County Council, we really do it grand style).  By 12th October the story was that Cllr Woolley had consulted his …..