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“Council Capers” is off the agenda as the usual heading to my blog as I’ve just read of another case that involves a North Wales County Councillor and the Ombudsman. The now familiar scenario that a cllr wrote a blog that offended another cllr and a complaint was made to the PSO.  (Public Service Officer). The “catch all codes” that all cllrs must abide by was trundled out again.  Even by adding the caveat that the cllr was writing in a personal capacity was not enough to save him from investigation.  This time, no action was taken but the perils of blogging innocently and in a genuine attempt to inform the public of issues and difficulties of representing them are very real and frankly scary.   Mark Tami MP, received a querulous response to his letter from the PSO who was surprised that the MP had written as he had.  No, he did not know how much my tribunal had cost the taxpayer!  He did not keep such records.  Humm!  How can the Ombudsman ask WAG for yet more than the present staggering £3.5m if there is no mechanism to quantify costs of enquiries?   NEVER OUT OF THE PRESS. …..