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Smithy Lane “Access Only decision flounders. 25-8-10.

Councillors support their constituents, it goes with the territory. It is not always a clear-cut situation and sometimes supporting the one against many is just not possible. As a dutiful and caring councillor, I have supported many individuals and families on various issues. Returning again as a Ewloe ward cllr in 2008, I found that Smithy Lane was still an issue with constituents that live on the lane. Tales of boy racers and lumbering lorries that then got stuck following sat-navs & had to be rescued; thus wrecking resident’s peace moved me to support anything that would improve the situation. The Highways Department with the support of the police commenced a consultation over making Smithy Lane “access only”.  However, nothing is simple as the Authority received more than 33 letters plus a petition from constituents who demanded that the lane be open to through traffic. I now know that although the closure may have been favoured by an individual Executive member North Wales Police could not guarantee enforcement and any decision to proceed to closure was passed back to ward members. Furthermore, the number of reported accidents on the lane was very few, and that such as they were had …..