Thas been nothing that can be described as “capering/frolicing” in the run up to my Adjudication Panel for Wales Tribunal.  Held on 24th and 25th March, in Northop country hotel, I finally faced my detractors who have so wantonly maligned my reputation and integrity. Legal constraints prevent me from sharing the horrendous situation I have faced for months now but if there is any justice from this Ombudsman’s debacle, when the facts are revealed, they should be “career breakers” for some players in this dreadful saga.  Moving on to my pleasurable matters-  THE CHAIRMAN’S DINNER.26TH March.  For the first time, I misread the time needed to get on the finery unlike every other of the 41 plus engagements I have been privileged to enjoy with Colin Legg. I was not ready when Arwel arrived to put on my chain.  Frantic galloping around & kennelling the animals in the kitchen, I then sailed breathless to the car only to find Colin waiting for me, resplendent in kilt and white hose. Off we sped, now in danger of being later for our own party. Several guests had already arrived and we were sorry not to have shaken all by the hand but there were still many arrivals to welcome and greet including Lord Barry and Lady Janet who were as gracious as ever and wished the evening well.  Offering greetings to a witness who had sworn on oath of my alleged wrong doings just a day before or to shake the hand of a top officer who is somehow deeply involved in an allegation I bullied a Director; took some courage. No one has bothered to root out the anonymous snout within County Hall that was leaked this malevolent allegation to the media in February.  However, this was the chairman’s night.  Nothing must spoil it.  I grimaced, muttered a prayer and effusively thanked all guests for coming even those who knew I knew!  The member Services team, Karen, Jan, Anne Lesley and June had gone into overdrive to make this the best Chairman’s dinner ever.  I am sure they succeeded.  Everything had been tastefully organised; from the food, (5 courses but not a chocolate in sight as the Chair has given them up for Lent;) to the stunning flower arrangements on every table to the very smart menu cards. It was all perfect and the after dinner entertainment was much appreciated too.  First was Anwen, a 6th form pupil and member of St Aspaph Cathedral Girls choir who sang beautifully for us.  No wonder she was the runner up in the 2008 BBC Radio Young Chorister of the Year competition. A really star performance and the extended applause was well deserved.  Hot on the heels of the magical Anwen came ‘Supertonic’, a family trio of  Holly, Joe and Tom Blomfield; who all hope to become professional musicians.  In their short careers, they have achieved so much already.  They are members of the National Youth Orchestra for Wales and with Flintshire; they have made several visits abroad impress with their enormous talents.  The programme told us that ‘Supertonic’ is the name given to the second note of the scale.  “We hope it will also describe this evening’s entertainment.”  It did.  Listening to lovely gentle and melodious music rather that the usual high volume Disgo experience clearly pleased the majority. Next to our guest speaker, charming Venerable Bernard Thomas, Arch Deacon of St Asaph.  He helped me out by devouring my roll and eating the roasties that all proved too much for me. He mentioned the raffle a few times in his speech and was clearly anxious to win something.  Unbelievably, I won first prize in the raffle. Not a fix just sheer luck as Colin Legg pulled blindly from over 180 envelopes. The prize list was most impressive with a helicopter ride and an excursion on the Northern Bell Orient Express leading the way.  Happy winners came to the raffle table in a long succession and the odds of winning shortened. My time to draw.  As my first name had left, I had to draw again.  In a comic little exchange of incantations and blessings between myself and the Venerable, I drew out another envelope & I could not believe what I read.  The Arch Deacon name appeared by magic. He won the last prize. We whooped with delight and Robert Robbins, our MC who read out the winner commented on the power of prayer. The Arch Deacon happily left with a bottle of hooch in one hand and a magnificent table display that had been mine for the giving. Cheshire Cat smile said it all!  Friends congratulated me and thought this was a good omen for the now adjourned Tribunal.  My choice as the winner of  the helicopter ride for two will be raffled if it’s ok to do so.  All proceeds will go to the Chairman’s Charity ~  it is the least I can do.  I hope the raffle is a successful as the Chairman’s Dinner.

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