Busy week.  Monday morning site visits on the Planning committee bus just for starters with the day ending at Hawarden Community Council, where allotments were on the agenda.  Unusually, our deliberations were observed by a member of the public who had come to listen to the debate.  When I took over the gavel as chair of Community & Environment Committee, it seemed courteous to invite the resident to at least join us at the table even if he was not allowed to speak.  A quick thinking Cllr. Clive Carver proposed suspension of Standing Orders to allow the resident to address us, a brilliant idea which we endorsed unanimously.  Noel, our appreciated and much loved Clerk summed up the situation thus far to find much needed land for allotments. Members are desperate to satisfy an overwhelming demand for constituents to dig. Resident politely put his point which involved an access problem to an area we had ear-marked as suitable for cultivation. We had a useful debate, although inconclusive.  Hopefully, compromise can be found but whatever happens; it was a good night for democracy when we could listen to the people we represent and strive to find solutions to common concerns.

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