POST OFFICE PARKING PROBLEMS.  The long awaited yellow lines have been approved and subject to weather conditions, the paint pot & brush should be applied before the end of this month.  Where the next hot spot will occur as these displaced vehicles have to find somewhere else, only time will tell.    6 of the 13 conditions that the Planning Committee imposed on the Supa-Pub before construction could begin have now been authorised; (sadly, as we know now denying residents use of the remaining central green area in the heart of Elwoe).  Construction can commence once the materials have been agreed. Determined to press on, a big box of assorted bricks, wood and tiles has been delivered to the Planning Officer for approval.  However, it seems that building materials may lead to an odd mismatch of roof tiles as different colours are being requested. The Planning Officer is on the case and knows what needs to be done! The final item to be agreed will be the landscaping.  I have been emailed a copy of the plan and will collaborate with the Planning Officer to try & get the best deal for the residents.  There is no certainly that my ideas will be accepted. I can email residents with the landscaping plan as all opinions are welcome.  The builder is anxious to start so time is short and construction cannot be delayed over long.   THE LONG STANDING BATTLE TO HAVE THE ROAD CLOSED.  Sue, a very capable FCC Highways officer & I visited the Redrow (Unilever) owned spine road in a snow storm a couple of Friday’s ago armed with a road plan that soon turned into a soggy map.  We are still trying to find a way through Redrow’s alleged unwilling to close off the road to stop traffic hurtling past their estate and their privately funded play area.  Residents have always maintained that the road closure was part of the agreement when they bought their Redrow houses.  It’s a shame it has not happened for years now. Placing a few bollards would cost very little & would be a welcome gesture now that residents are about to gain the pub and in return lose the area for play and to exercise the dog. Hawarden Community Council objected to the pub’s name, “The Running Hare” but this objection has been curtly overruled.  I’m happy to report that more success has been achieved with the proposed lighting which seemed excessive when shown on the plans.  Under Delegated powers, planning officers have now rejected several of these lights, curtailing them to signage for the building and not as a gaudy necklace of light around the perimeter. As the usual Christmas tree failed to appear at the entrance of St David’s Park last year, a letter was sent by the Community Council Clerk seeking its re-instatement next year. The reply caused both mirth and amazement in the same measure.  “We note your disappointment that the Christmas tree was not erected at the entrance of St David’s Park.  If this is something the Community Council would like to contribute towards or sponsor please contact the managing agents,” Redrow is a multi million pound developer who has grown fat on Elwoe lands, and to seek local sponsorship from hard pressed house holders’ beggar’s belief!  Now that much of the external pub lighting has been knocked back, surely the savings on electricity could go to towards the cost of the tree.  It is a welcome beacon at the entrance of St David’s Park.  We would be most grateful if the developer’s agents will reconsider and the Christmas tree will return in full glory next Advent. Taking of money, Hawarden Council has managed by hard work and prudence to maintain the precept level at the 2008/2009 figure.  So, no increase for that part of Council’s overall tax bill.   As black clouds of austerity are sweeping towards all local authorities, this should be welcome news.

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