Eight days into the New Year is rather late to wish all my constituents, blog readers etc a happy one but even so I do.  I also hope to serve Ewloe people to the best of my ability in 2010.  High on my and other colleagues’ agenda is resolving the allotments problem as the demand to dig in the area is high.  When Sir William Gladstone offered a plot below the Hawarden Institute car park to the Community Council last year we thought we had cracked the problem.  When the costs of what would have to be done to secure a retaining wall, (cost needed 10K),  bring in water, (cost £2K),  make paths and ensure the plots were disability friendly, ( at least  another 2K), plus the fence around the site boundary, (£4K) the total cost was far more than what the Council could realistically afford. Its disappointing as we had planned to call the site the Gladstone Bi-Centenary Allotments in recognition of this historic achievement.  Our Clerk, Noel has written to Sir William explaining our financial predicament so keep everything crossed that a more amenable plot can be offered to the community that is within our Community Council’s budget. PEACE PERFECT PEACE TO CLLR. JOHN POWELL EDWARDS, (JP), who died  on 21st December and after a moving service in St Deniols, he was laid to rest in Hawarden No1 Cemetery on 4th January.  Pamela, his widow bore the bereavement well and was even able to joke about my visits to their house many moons ago to be instructed in that fiendish game called Bridge.  He deserved the big congregation that turned out to suffer a very chilly church having braved slippery roads and bitter cold even to get there.  We all mourned the passing of a most decent man who had served his community faithfully and for so many years as a community cllr and as the chair of the Hawarden Institute committee, to name just a few of his community commitments  As the year progressed, John had developed a bit of a fixation about excessive speeding in his road at Community Council meetings and invariably gave the local constabulary who attended regularly, a very hard time.  As Chair of Community and Environment Committee; I had to deal with his frustrations & protect the Bobbies who were faced with his sometimes over zealous concerns.  “Sorry John, I may have been occasionally less than patient with you.”  It’s now to late to say sorry to his face so I will light a candle for the repose of his soul and look forward to a good chat should I ever meet him in another place. THE GREAT GRITTING DEBATE. Has the Authority done enough to grit the roads has been the banner headlines across all the local papers.  Executive Cllr. Tony Sharps reacted vigorously when asked by a fellow cllr why all the yellow bins were empty.  ‘They keeping stealing the sand’ he snapped ‘and in some cases, the whole bin’s been removed’   ‘Unscrupulous people are making an easy killing of stealing the salt and being paid to spread it for anyone prepared to pay’  Tony tells me that no policy change has occurred and Flintshire is working flat out to keep on top of the problem.  500 tons of grit alone, a normal week’s supply; went on the roads after Tuesday night’s white out.  Flintshire has 650 tons in store and more s on the way from Northwich where the Authority has been a customer for 20 years. ‘We have lorries in a long queue outside the quarry waiting to be loaded up.  That’s where the problem lies’.  We must take our turn in the queue’.  Labour’s headline grabbing jibe that Flintshire has eased back on gritting the roads  because of budget cuts is simply untrue.  A friend who lives in the county rang to say how pleased she was that our roads are fine and the Wirral roads, (even the main ones) are virtually impassable as it seems no gritting at all had occurred on the other side of the river.   Well done to our Highways teams and nought out of ten to my LABOUR friends for getting their facts wrong, putting out scary stories and stirring up trouble that affects the gritting teams and their families who are on the receiving end of nasty phone calls from frustrated residents. .

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  1. Colin Hughes says:

    The problem with the speeding issue Alison is that NWP aren’t interested and Arrive Alive have not the manpower. Over 500 speeders a day through Chester Rd Penyffordd each day.
    Illgeal exhausts are allowed unchallenged. Has NWP gone to the dogs?

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