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Early November & an email hit my inbox inviting me to Rhodri Morgan’s retirement bash on 7th December in Cardiff.  Flabbergasted but flattered I held back my reply in case by chance, I could have killed two birds with one stone.  A, rub shoulders with the great and the good at Rhodri’s bash & B, appear before that Tribunal the Ombudsman has decreed I must attend for breaching councillor codes.  This decision beggar’s belief and this episode is surely shaping up for another trip to the Court of Human Rights as the powers of this public servant are draconian and severely clash with my human rights.  I wrote about the Ombudsman and me in my October blog and still I hear nothing about attending this rarely held Tribunal.  The more I learn the more I think the decision is vengeful and discriminatory.  Two other county councillors have been under the investigation for alleged serious code violations since June 2008 and March 2009 respectively.  They have not been told how far the enquiries have got. Because I was unable to travel at my own expense and at short notice to the ombudsman’s HQ in South Wales, he regards this as obstructing …..