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Councillor Capers. 2th – 13th September 2009.

The Council officially went into Recess on 4th August and committee meetings were suspended.  However, the Ombudsman’s team who have decided I have infringed a Code of Conduct had no intention of honouring the recess.  I was given two dates that they wished to call me for interview; both unsuitable to me as I had booked holiday. Events have shown that my unavailability appears to have caused great irritation as its been suggested I’m not being cooperative. On 19th August, I came back from visiting family in the South especially for the Flint & Denbigh show to support my Chairman.  It was a good day despite having to fling ourselves onto the hospitality of various exhibitors’ tents to shelter from the rain that swept across the ground in vicious bursts.  The poultry tent was full of amazing show birds some with stunning plumages, some with full feathered legs and some with exotic headgear. The sheep were amazing too and in fact, all the livestock were just fabulously presented.  It’s a pity that they cannot all be winners and also that so much effort goes into the show which lasts just one day; it seems daft. A Special Council Meeting on …..