Much time, better directed on serving my constituents is being taken up with defending myself against what is developing into a Kangaroo Court scenario.  It started with: “Ombudsman to probe Halford’s conduct”, reported in all three local papers 28/19th and 23June passim, and the time put into researching the powers of the Ombudsman has not been wasted!   The
‘Ombudsman promises confidentiality, privacy and that his investigation will be carefully and confidentially handed.  Every care will even be taken to ensure the unanimity of persons named in his reports!’
   Whilst moaning to my bright LibDem chum that a leak had occurred when it should not, LibDem cllr asked an inspirational question.  Why did the Ombudsman’s team have to report the allegation to any one in the Authority in the first place?  Confidentiality means just that and so why tell anyone, particularly when a high profile Coalition councillor called Alison Halford is involved. Its been confirmed that a leak to the press should not have occurred and so it seems that I may not be the only one looking down the wrong end of a code of conduct infringement.  The speed at which the ombudsman’s team is operating, pushing me to agree a date to be interviewed is most impressive.  I received a reply by return of post to a detailed three page letter I sent seeking clarification on the rules of engagement as I am not to willing to fall foul of some other unknown code of conduct again.  On 30th July, the Ombudsman himself, gave me the ultimatum that if I fail to give a date by 4th August, his report will be concluded without my input!  Surely not? How bullying! Cllr Heesom has been waiting since March to be interviewed but I’m the one being harried for a date.   Strange!  One must wonder what the real agenda is. £2.38million keeps the Ombudsman and his zealous team at work but I’m not supposed to ask the costs of this investigation.  One senior operative explained they did not do cost enquires so I could not have the figures for the Flintshire enquiry. If only he had asked the Audit Committee of WAG, who supervises the ombudsman’s work or even Googled “Finances of Ombudsman,” he would have learnt a lot. Watch this space! Moving away from yet another controversy to envelop me, a far more enjoyable pursuit took place at the recent Friday evening “Terrier Racing trials in Rhes y Cae”.  Chairman, Colin Legg was host to Hufflepuff as President of the Trails and she was duly enrolled for the bargin entrance fee of 50p at his expense.  HP is a chubby Schnauzer but she’s fast and I thought she might do quite well.  She was a disaster as she had to be dog handled into the trap, and as the door crashed down, her stumpy tail was at severe risk of being shortened further.  The traps sprang open, the lure, a foxy brush thing on a string, pulled round the course by man with a bit wheel, began to gather pace. Racers milled around; confused.  Much shouting encouraging words and trying to show the dogs what to do by the fitter owners achieved nothing.  All four just did not get the idea including Hufflepuff who slunk to my side and wanted no more to do with the dog racing fraternity.  Should not have expected more.  She’s not a proper terrier and competing against tenacious Jack Russels, bouncy Border Terriers, sleek Spaniels and a field of fast, muscular country pooches that recognised something good to chase when they saw it, the pampered Hufflepuff was out of her depth.  She slumbered peacefully in the car whilst El Presedente and HP’s two handlers fed well in the local Miners Arm.  We left with a generous Doggy Bag that HP magnanimously shared with her chums once back home.  She lied through her doggy teeth and told them she had almost won.  I kept quiet and allowed her to live down the real reason for what will be her first and last appearance in racing colours. She was a hit with Cllr Legg however, who now sends her regular love and kisses.

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