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  The prize-giving of HAWARDEN IN BLOOM Competition took place on a rare sunny evening on 23rd July at the Institute. Tables were laid out with winners’ certificates of various categories with supporting photographs of their floral achievements.  Best back, best front, best courtyard, and best hanging baskets, best whatever and 18 entries in all had all been determined by the Judging Panel a few weeks ago. (Councillor Capers, passim). Cllr Helen Yale, Chair of the Community Council opened with a few words and I followed her with the task of describing how the judges had reached their decision.  “With great difficulty” was my message as we struggled to be fair about so many gardens that offered space and features, one tended by a gardener; and had to be compared with small gardens and even pavement plots in sheltered accommodation in urban Mancot.  Do we award first prize again to last year’s winner in a certain category or do we spread the good news more widely.  The only easy choice was judging the forecourt class.  There was only one entry but a well deserved victor with white painted walls, a stunning hanging basket and the green mock astro-turf grass that …..


  Much time, better directed on serving my constituents is being taken up with defending myself against what is developing into a Kangaroo Court scenario.  It started with: “Ombudsman to probe Halford’s conduct”, reported in all three local papers 28/19th and 23June passim, and the time put into researching the powers of the Ombudsman has not been wasted!   The ‘Ombudsman promises confidentiality, privacy and that his investigation will be carefully and confidentially handed.  Every care will even be taken to ensure the unanimity of persons named in his reports!’    Whilst moaning to my bright LibDem chum that a leak had occurred when it should not, LibDem cllr asked an inspirational question.  Why did the Ombudsman’s team have to report the allegation to any one in the Authority in the first place?  Confidentiality means just that and so why tell anyone, particularly when a high profile Coalition councillor called Alison Halford is involved. Its been confirmed that a leak to the press should not have occurred and so it seems that I may not be the only one looking down the wrong end of a code of conduct infringement.  The speed at which the ombudsman’s team is operating, pushing me …..