Dreaded Cones

16th June 2009.                                          2, Prospect Close, Ewloe, CH5 3RL. Dear Editor, My healthy record of finding solutions to constituents’ problems hit the buffers over the long running,  dangerous traffic congestion near Elwoe post Office where unacceptable parking has led to as many as 23  cars backing up from Ewloe Post Office to the entrance of Carlines Avenue.  Many residents rang to  complain about “an accident waiting to happen” and what are councillors doing about it? The road was reduced to single file when local office staff moved their vehicles from the Spine Road to avoid parking on newly painted, non statutory yellow lines.  Every working day, cars struggled to pass  each other and the cross phone calls kept coming. Our local beat officers were responsive but felt that as no offences were being committed; there was nothing to be done.  There was police representation at a meeting I attended with Flintshire Highway bosses and “non parking cones” were asked for to determine where the problem would be displaced to once parking was forbidden on the Highway.  No point in creating a similar problem outside someone  else’s house! I had been asking for no parking cones for weeks as a temporary measure but all I received from the police was a deafening silence.  Despite Highways officers also seeking the introduction of “no parking” cones, it seems that someone in Traffic Department declined, (for what reason I know not).  On Thursday, 4th June, that accident we all prophesised occurred.  A Flintshire Bin lorry and a skip vehicle collided.  Damage and injury was slight but that incident galvanised the police into issuing tickets for obstruction to all parked cars, something that had been impossible to do before the crash! Having received complaints from the bus company about aggressive drivers, Flintshire Highways Department will now to go to the expense of laying down yellow lines and the police have agreed to use  “no parking cones” as a temporary measure. Why did it take a crash to get tangible action from the police?  Why were the vehicles not causing  obstructing before the collision but were ticketed afterwards?  The residents would like to know? Would this welcome but belated activity have anything to do with the Chief Constable’s recent conversion  on the road to retirement; when the light dawned that there are more important demands on police time other than trapping speeding motorists?  Have officers been released to deal with the equally important traffic problems such as the dangerous hazard of the Ewloe traffic obstruction?  Although “NO PARKING “cones are in place, it took too long and the accident could have been avoided!  I also hope that attention is still focused on this problem area until properly enforceable measures can be introduced.  Alison Halford. Ewloe Ward.

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  1. Colin Hughes says:

    If you Alison as an ex Assistant Chief Constable have trouble getting North Wales Police to act over this deserved issue what chance have the rest of us got? North Wales Police are currently ignoring over 1000 speeders a day in Chester Rd, Penyffordd. This non accountability of North Wales Police has got to stop. North Wales Police Authority have got to pick a new Chief Constable who will be accountable to communities in deeds and not just sound bites in the media.

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