Civic Season in Full Swing

All the plastic bent to increase my pathetic wardrobe has been worth the effort as Civic Sunday season is in full swing.  On 21st June, the Chairman and I were in Wrexham where we enjoyed a splendid service in the cathedral.  Our hosts, Arwel and Mair Jones, are really charming people and the Wrexham chain is enormous, large enough to secure a ship to its moorings.  Mair’s chain is exquisite and was given to the Borough years ago by a member of Royalty. I would feel happier with a bodyguard in these pressing times as a “chain snatch” would be calamitous After a lovely service when several children dedicated a candle to a particular social problem, we all walked back through threatening skies to enjoy an excellent sit down tea plus strawberries and cream. The “Chain Gang” met up again on 28th June in Flint and this time Chairman Colin Legg was the host at his Civic Sunday.  St Aspaph Cathedral choir sang, the service was conducted by Rev. Brian Harvey and we enjoyed a clever and thought provoking sermon by Colin’s chaplain, Rev. Hugh Burgess who admitted he found the height of the St Mary’s pulpit daunting, not being keen on high perches.  Every sermon thus far has been charitable to the politicians and their expenses saga with emphasis on how difficult it is to be a public servant in days of deep cynicism. To me, Colin’s service was extra special, not so much that I am his consort but because he made an Act of Commitment to the people of Flintshire that in his office of Chairman, he would serve us well with the help of God. I snuffed away a tear as I found this part of the service particularly moving.  Then up the hill to the school where a bonanza of a buffet greeted us.  Cakes were in much evidence and there was so much to eat, many guests left with Doggy Bags of goodies.  And Colin admitted after the event that he feared there would not be enough to eat! Flint hosted its own incoming mayor the following Sunday as 5th July took us to the Catholic Church for the Civic Service of Cllr. Paul Cunningham and his mayoress, or shall I be accurate and say, the stand-in Mayoress, Emily; Paul’s 9 year of grand daughter as Joan, Paul’s wife was unwell. Fr. Adrian also addressed the problems facing elected members and offered anyone who could not take communion to come up for a blessing.  The reading for the day was remarkably appropriate- Ezechial 2.2-5 for ardent bible scholars to look up! After the “left footers” had received communion from the Eucharistic minister, it was touching to see our politicians led by David Hanson, trooping out the front bench of Sandy Mewies, AM and spouses.  I had not  realised a Eucharistic minister can give blessings, but no matter.  To see humility in an MP must be a joyous event and one that God will surely remember when day of reckoning arrives. I calculate that I have two more Civic Sundays before the end of July.  They will all have to go some to beat my Chairman’s service. Well done the choir and everyone who attended and wished Colin Legg all the best in his special year.

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