Letter for Sadie

I needed cheering up after Sadie; my recent Capricorn Animal Rescue Yorkie acquisition was hit by a car as she dashed across the road following her bigger chum, Hufflepuff. This horrible drama unfolded on 14th February close to the church at St David’s Park. The letter to both local papers tells the story: FLINTSHIRE, CH5 3RL. 22nd February 2009.
‘Dear Editor, Sadie, my Capricorn Rescue Yorkshire Terrier is home minus a leg but alive thanks to the professionalism by Village vets staff and compassionate members of the public. Through your newspaper, I would be grateful if I can thank all involved in that traumatic episode that unfolded on 14th February by the church in St. David’s Park, Ewloe. Two of my four dogs spotted another across the road and dashed to it despite my screaming at them to stop. The lady with the dog, (Anna), tried hard to slow the traffic but Sadie was hit. Holding my badly injured pooch, a man appeared who had been passenger in the collision car. Asking what he could do to help, desperate to secure the other three animals; I handed over my car keys. In my panic, I sent him to the wrong location as I had not parked in my normal place. Next to arrive was a lady who must have spoken on her mobile to the nearest vet. She urged me to get there fast. Anna produced a car and offered to drive me there. Her dog was in the passenger seat when the car driver appeared and full of remorse admitted, “I just did not see her”. “It was not your fault”, I told him. He lifted the normally very nervous Fidget and the heavy Pug into Anna’s small boot. The culprit, who had led the chase across the road, travelled in the back with me. Thankfully, the vet was on hand when the ambulance party drew up. Sadie’s front paw was dreadfully injured and after what seemed an age, treatment began. The vet detected a weak heartbeat, felt she may not survive and amputation was certainly a strong probability if she did. Anna & I stared glumly at each other. Finally Sadie was sedated & taken off attached to a drip. Worrying about the two dogs in Anna’s car boot, I asked her to check them. A short time later she returned & announced that my car was outside, all three dogs had been transferred over and the two men had left. I know how to contact Anna but I would like to offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to those other people who did not walk away from this horrible situation but took the trouble to cope with my car and my animals. I had left a purse and credit cards in my vehicle and my house keys were also on the car key ring. Everything was secure and untouched. Without this magnificent teamwork, Sadie would not have arrived so quickly to the vet’s surgery and time was short for her. If the Flintshire Leader/Chronicle can help me to locate these other good Samaritans, I would be grateful. I would like to thank them all personally. Yours etc’.
So, why do I feel cheerful? She was the only uninsured dog, the plastic took a huge hit but she is now learning to cope with her disability. That should be enough surely? Yes & no. Another event, far more horrible and long running suddenly came alive again in the Times, and cheered me up enormously. Watch this space to learn of good news for a good friend that raised my spirits.

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  1. Hannah M. says:

    I feel for you and your dear Sadie. I rescue dogs, provide medical care, train them, rehabilitate them, and place them in loving, forever homes. I am so pleased to see that you also look to rescue for your life companions! I hope your pup is doing well. It’s amazing how dogs adjust to new realities – especially in a loving home. I have adopted deaf, blind, and other seriously injured dogs and I’m always amazed a how well they do – they often achieve as much or more than “normal” dogs. And I hope Sadie will, too.

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