Happy New Year

12 plus days into the New Year is a little late to wish all constituents a happy one but better late than never. The first Ewloe ward battle for 2009 has arrived with the public announcement; spotted by a sharp eyed constituent heralding the fact that a developer proposed to build a pub, restaurant and accommodation by the St David’s Park roundabout. The last open space in the middle of this obscenely overdeveloped area is about to be concreted over:- not without a fight it won’t! The 21 day objection period is now running and if any constituent wants to object, please make urgent contact with me or the Planning Officer, Mark Harris on 01352 703269. There is no need for another pub with all its anticipated anti-social and increased traffic problems in Ewloe. As Flintshire’s Executive struggles to set a budget on a WAG shoe string hand outs, members must surely be furious to have read about Whitehall profligacy over a £1.4bn overspend on IT projects that are also years behind schedule. The system to enforce child maintenance is seven years late, and a ministry of Defence satellite system is £885 million off target. These are just some of the over budget and over time projects. This is a lamentable Government record and even more worrying as the PM is determined to throw good money after bad and grind on with a hugely expensive suspect NHS computer scheme. There is a risk that however unpalatable, the Flintshire Coalition may have to consider raising council tax. Had Flintshire it been awarded only a fraction of these vast pots of money, that unpalatable option would never even have to be considered!

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