Ewloe Access Improvements

Shrugging off the effects of flu recently, I headed to a rendezvous in Ewloe to keep a promise I had made to a then potential constituent last April. Whilst canvassing for the May Council elections, I was asked what I would do to improve access to some of the food and retail outlets in Ewloe. I had seen this person on his motor scooter but we had never spoken till then. I promised I would do what I could and apart from downloading an official government disability news sheet and posting it though his door, I did nothing for months. The law was not clear and it seemed to be up the shop keeper to determine if they could afford a ramp or whatever necessary to assist non walking people. I had met my friend in Ewloe Social club recently and with conscience pricking, I promised him action again. This time I tracked down the disability Access Officer in Mold who arranged for the Chair of the Flintshire Disability Action group to undertake a survey to determine what had to be done. So, Bryan, the chairman Michael, my constituent and I tootled off to check on premises. One Chinese takeaway had already been asked to improve access and they would be getting a follow up letter but we drew a blank at another one as the door frame was just too narrow to allow wheelchair or buggy access. A whole new shop front would be required and as the takeaway was shut, it was felt the vague disability law would give this place the benefit of the doubt. Michael agreed he would be happy to get out of the rain into just one eatery and not be confined to waiting outside for his order to be despatched. The owner of the hairdresser’s was sympathetic and listened to Bryan’s advice that help could be offered. She agreed tht she had thought about the problem and even had a disabled customer. The vibes were good. I popped back to Michael still outside and reported this back to him. We thought we had achieved something and Bryan was pleased that a councillor was involving his organisation in a useful survey. More need to do the same, was his verdict. Michael, Bryan and I parted company, believing that something had been achieved. I now wait to see what actually comes of our visits. If the one Takeaway that can improve its access without too much cost, then at least three people will be very happy. Writing this gave me an appetite so I broke off from blogging and popped in and placed an order. I asked to see the Boss and explained my other interest besides the food. Boss nodded happily. The job was going to be done. Soon! When I see the ramp in place, I must ask Michael to join me inside the FAY VON takeaway so we can chew over the menu together. FLINTSHIRE ACCESS phone number is 01352 706218.

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