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6th June

Met with constituents who had inherited a raft of problems, having recently moved into new build in St David’s Park. The builder had allegedly made various promises to close the road and screen ugly building and so on so forth but the residents were unhappy that all such promises had evaporated into the ether. More frustration followed the signing of a contract that made the whole community responsible for the safely of the newly installed play area. Each house was now committed to a hefty sum to cover possible claims from the play area. The development was only allowed if children’s play area was provided and then the residents, many of whom have no children were pressed by the developer into picking up the costly public safely liability tab. Much work to do here as it is the usual Catch 22 situation. Council will not take responsibility until the developer finishes things off and the developer blames the Council for dragging its heels despite not finishing things off!!!. I feel very sorry that the residents have got an uphill battle to fight .Frankly, its going to take much pushing and probing before anything like a satisfactory solution can be found. …..