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2nd June Boars Head, Elwoe.

Meeting of Local Issues Action Group (LIAG), a determined and knowledgeable band of local Ewloe and Aston constituents who were actively challenging the need for yet more land fill waste sites in an already heavily over-subscribed and questionable air quality polluted area. LIAG was naturally worried that two applications to utilise yet more landfill sites were awaiting a decision. They suspected that one or the other site, close to Ewloe and the 5 “live” Buckley tips would be chosen as Flintshire had run our of other land fill options and needed to act fast to stop heavy fines. Already this group had caused a major upset by intervening in the A494 road widening scheme as the Welsh Assembly Planning Inspector had decreed that seven lanes were OTT and too grandiose for the area. Why had the expensive compulsory purchase of several privately owned houses up Aston Hill taken place without checking on the feasibility of such a wide road? No one knew. Blame lay with Welsh Assemlby Government and not FCC scheme. One minister had fouled up badly, so it would appear!., Who will compensate FCC taxpayers for this debacle. No one is telling! Officials of the Trunk Road Agency …..