Letter to the Leader

My letter, regarding the recent Conservative election victory in Ewloe, as printed in the Flintshire Evening Leader:
“Dear Editor, Conservative May Day Triumph. Would you allow me to use the letters page to thank all those in the Ewloe Ward who voted me back to serve them again. I still have my original Councillor identity pass, enjoyed happy memories of being part of a local politics between 1995 and 1999 and to return to serve the community again is something I relish greatly. Several large Labour scalps bit the dust last night and I offer some sympathy for those who lost their seats but much is wrong with Flintshire and change was well overdue. Despite having the reputation of being a warrior, I still believe that working with all parties for the good of the community is far more productive than conducting tribal party battles and that teamwork, regardless of the party one supports is the proper approach to local politics. May I thank my Conservative colleagues who made my victory possible. Now that the Welsh Conservatives have greatly increased their numbers and will be part of the new ruling administration in Flintshire, I am very thrilled that my Party is now moving forward and our political future is very bright indeed. I would like to congratulate the Presiding Officer’s staff for running a very competent poll and I would like to thank everyone who put in the hours at the Polling Stations and at the Count. Well Done! It was all carried out with stunning efficiency. Ewloe folk have spoken and I am so pleased that I was given that most precious item, their vote. Yours truly, Alison Halford. Councillor Elect.Ewloe.”

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