15th May.

Footpath inspection duty called to examine the site of the missing bridge from the Hollins Farm area in Ewloe footpath to Hawarden. A housing development had severed a part of the link, newly planted conifers now barred the way and someone had stolen the bridge across a deep ditch. Complaining constituent and I set off in hot sun, across a high metal gate, (ouch) three styles, ouch again as my elderly knees struggled to bend sufficiently to haul myself over. Down a steep bank to yet another style and then across another overgrown field. We were watched with interest by a group of curious cows who came close and eyed us with considerable interest. Seriously flagging by now, at last the scene of the missing bridge was reached. The ditch certainly required a bridge to traverse it and the new conifers were doing an excellent ‘keep off my property’ role. More piccies captured on the digital and the journey was performed in reverse, with the same friendly cows in attendance. Mournfully, I told constituent that I doubted my ability to get a) the bridge reinstated and b) the footpath returned to its former status. The cost would be prohibitive to a cash strapped Authority I opined. Wrong again! My call to “Footpaths” filled me with joy. Interfering with Rights of Way broke the law and after the file had been checked by “Legal”, the link would be restored and the bridge rebuilt. No time scale was offered but it’s in the big Blue book for a follow up.

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