14th May

After frantic horse trading between the four major political parties, a truce was reached by 13th May when the new Authority met under the leadership of Arnold Woolley, (Buckley Bistre East). He appeared to be the only candidate that all Parties were prepared to accept. My group were very happy to endorse his selection although we felt we were entitled to 2 seats in the new Cabinet and not the one on offer. Arnold Woolley had managed to broker a compromise that saw the Lib Dems lower their sights, leaving them to speak again to Arnold and accept fewer seats on the Executive. With Party agreement finally resolve by close of business on the 13th, the way was clear for the transfer of power from Labour to a coalition the following day which was to be headed by the Independents, the largest party in the Authority. After fulsome praise from all Party leaders being heaped on Chair, Cllr. Ann Minshull, she vacated the chair and time served Lib Dem. Quentin Dodd took over. Ex school head, Colin Legge, accepted the vice chair and in his acceptance speech quoted from my letter that had been published in the Flintshire Leader. I had merely stated that serving the people was more important than pandering to party politics. I had been relieved that my relationship with labour councillors was still cordial and positive. Alex Aldridge and I exchanged bear hugs and good natured banter before the meeting began and to my surprise, Ian Roberts, Flint long serving councillor bent over to peck me on the cheek. After the business of the day, we all took off for a buffet lunch n Theatr Clywd Cymru and then the afternoon was devoted to a thumbnail sketch of how the major departments work and how the Authrity conducts its affairs. Emails were now popping up seeking this and that help with constituents needs and I started making entries in a big blue book provided courtesy of Flintshire County Council to keep abreast of progress on various cases.

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