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22nd May

Surprised to receive a letter that attributed to me that “I accepted the above blog was ill advised and I had agreed to re-visit the site and amend the blog.” Although part of the Blog had been discussed with a County senior officer, my recollection of the conversation recalled no such thing and I concluded that my memory must be failing faster than I suspected! However, I despatched a brisk email suggesting that I disagreed with the contents of the letter and its description of the conversation was at odds with my memory I was becoming disappointed that Blog had been given so much attention and, busy as ever, I got on with important matters.

20th May

Off to be trained in the mysteries of Planning by officers of that Department. No one could become a Planning Committee member until three sessions had been completed. We worked though a complex Code of Conduct and listened with amazement when we were firmly told it was our duty not to speak for or against a project before the matter had gone to committee and we should obey the recommendations of officers. As a Director of the Save the Family Charity, I knew that considerable anxiety had been raised by the professional expert helping the Charity to obtain residential consent needed to turn an old disused chapel into accommodation for homeless families. One councillor had been particularly vocal in expressing an opinion, even to the Press and the Committee had apparently overturned not only the recommendations of Country Planning Officers who favoured acceptance within certain boundaries, but also the findings of an Inspector from the Welsh Assembly. The sad end was loss of vital homeless accommodation and approximately £500.000 in Lottery and other grants that fizzled out when the change of status was rejected! All very rum! I clearly need the full training package before I can understand this seeming …..

15th May.

Footpath inspection duty called to examine the site of the missing bridge from the Hollins Farm area in Ewloe footpath to Hawarden. A housing development had severed a part of the link, newly planted conifers now barred the way and someone had stolen the bridge across a deep ditch. Complaining constituent and I set off in hot sun, across a high metal gate, (ouch) three styles, ouch again as my elderly knees struggled to bend sufficiently to haul myself over. Down a steep bank to yet another style and then across another overgrown field. We were watched with interest by a group of curious cows who came close and eyed us with considerable interest. Seriously flagging by now, at last the scene of the missing bridge was reached. The ditch certainly required a bridge to traverse it and the new conifers were doing an excellent ‘keep off my property’ role. More piccies captured on the digital and the journey was performed in reverse, with the same friendly cows in attendance. Mournfully, I told constituent that I doubted my ability to get a) the bridge reinstated and b) the footpath returned to its former status. The cost would be prohibitive to …..

14th May

After frantic horse trading between the four major political parties, a truce was reached by 13th May when the new Authority met under the leadership of Arnold Woolley, (Buckley Bistre East). He appeared to be the only candidate that all Parties were prepared to accept. My group were very happy to endorse his selection although we felt we were entitled to 2 seats in the new Cabinet and not the one on offer. Arnold Woolley had managed to broker a compromise that saw the Lib Dems lower their sights, leaving them to speak again to Arnold and accept fewer seats on the Executive. With Party agreement finally resolve by close of business on the 13th, the way was clear for the transfer of power from Labour to a coalition the following day which was to be headed by the Independents, the largest party in the Authority. After fulsome praise from all Party leaders being heaped on Chair, Cllr. Ann Minshull, she vacated the chair and time served Lib Dem. Quentin Dodd took over. Ex school head, Colin Legge, accepted the vice chair and in his acceptance speech quoted from my letter that had been published in the Flintshire Leader. I …..

Letter to the Leader

My letter, regarding the recent Conservative election victory in Ewloe, as printed in the Flintshire Evening Leader: “Dear Editor, Conservative May Day Triumph. Would you allow me to use the letters page to thank all those in the Ewloe Ward who voted me back to serve them again. I still have my original Councillor identity pass, enjoyed happy memories of being part of a local politics between 1995 and 1999 and to return to serve the community again is something I relish greatly. Several large Labour scalps bit the dust last night and I offer some sympathy for those who lost their seats but much is wrong with Flintshire and change was well overdue. Despite having the reputation of being a warrior, I still believe that working with all parties for the good of the community is far more productive than conducting tribal party battles and that teamwork, regardless of the party one supports is the proper approach to local politics. May I thank my Conservative colleagues who made my victory possible. Now that the Welsh Conservatives have greatly increased their numbers and will be part of the new ruling administration in Flintshire, I am very thrilled that my Party …..

Blog Revamp

Along with election success comes an image spring clean. Readers, please be patient as the last tidying up goes on: small changes still need to be made. The new look is in line with party colours and hopefully easy to get around. Enjoy.

Election Diary- The End game.

28th to Election Day to 1st May 2008. On Monday afternoon, taking time off from shoving leaflets though doors, I met with Paul DAVIES, an ex superintendent from North Wales Police and John Iball. Both of whom are Ewloe residents and the main players in the Action Group that had successfully lobbied to abort the 7 lane Aston Hill road scheme.  “But the road needs improvement, I argued, and where do we go from here?”  They did not know. Knocking on the doors in the high employment Ewloe ward realistically means grabbing the few hours between getting home from work and sitting down to an evening of Telly watching. Smells from kitchens wafted out of every house that opened the door to me. I selected an area I thought would be fertile Tory territory and was invariably rewarded by a positive response. Many indicated I had their vote. By 7.30, it was time to pack in as a major football match was about to start on television. 1st May dawned bright and sunny but with a biting wind. Mike and I finally met our major opponents outside our two Polling Stations. We learnt that both candidates had positioned themselves close …..