Fair Deal for Flintshire

Is It a Fair Deal for Flintshire?

Residents in Flintshire are getting a poor deal, and the current Labour majority on the council seem both unable and unwilling to do anything about it. It is time for change at County Hall!

Conservative candidate for Ewloe, Alison Halford, said, ‘It is an absolute disgrace. We are now paying almost twice as much in Council tax as we were 10 years ago, but what improvements have we seen for our money?’

Last year, schools in Flintshire received less money for each pupil than schools in Cheshire, Wirral, Wrexham, Denbighshire and Conwy! What’s more, the Council did not actually spend all the money it had allocated for our schools.

By contrast, Flintshire did manage to the priorities and concerns of local spend £13m on agency staff to support County Hall administration.

Discussing these figures, Alison noted that, `This just proves how wrong the Council have got their priorities. Investing in our schools is a vital investment for our future. The Council is letting us down badly.’

But it’s not just education. We all know that crime is rising, and that anti-social behaviour is a problem for many local communities. However, Police in South Wales are getting 24% more from the Home Office to protect their population than Police in North Wales. What we need is a fairly funded Police Force, freed from bureaucracy, and focussed on the priorities and concerns of local people.

If you are feeling let down by Flintshire County Council, and Gordon Brown’s Labour government, join Alison’s campaign to improve the quality of life for everyone in our local area –


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