Campign Updates

Since my feverish haste to submit my election papers on 25th March, that first vital step to return to local politics, I’ve been far away from the campaign trail. Vietnam and Cambodia are now just visa stamps in the passport and warm memories of paddy fields and temples, water buffalo at work and thousands of scooters streaming across the major cities. Back to earth and to Ewloe on 10th April, to learn that work still had to be done on our joint campaign news letter; the first salvo that introduced me as the new competitor for a the Ewloe seat together with my running mate, Mike Warburton the current Conservative councillor for that ward. 12th April. St David’s Hotel car park. Great relief when Will Gallagher, the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary candidate rolled up with a large pile of badly needed “Ewloe matters” leaflets hot from the press. Now all Mike and I had to do was to deliver them to the 1900 plus residents we needed to persuade to vote for us. By 12 15pm, I had pushed the first batch through letter boxes and had drawn blood as a result. I soon discovered that most of the newer doors were not at all willing to accept my leaflet. Latex gloves solved the problem and soon I was flying around Maes this and Maes that, all houses and flats build on the fields I had walked with my dogs eight years ago. Was that all that was left of a pond with reeds and blackthorn where the chiffchaffs sang in spring? Was there once a waving corn-field now buried under Llys Brenig and Maes Deri? Sadly yes to both! Sunday 13th April was the deadline to produce our final messages for the manifesto, our personal statements of what we promised to achieve. My finely tuned email was despatched to Will Gallagher who once again produced sparkling document that looked good and read well. With two Labour, two Independents and Mike in competition for the votes, this election was never going to be a walk over. 14th April Flintshire Evening Leader published a spiteful little letter about me from the Labour Party’s chief witch of their letter- writing coven. Regular letters are sent to the local papers whenever Labour wants to attack the opposition. Mark Isherwood, the Conservative AM for this area was delighted with her efforts. ‘Really got under their skin, well done’ was his message. I duly penned a suitable reply to my detractor and went back to the letter boxes. My box of latex gloves were dwindling as they wore out fast in the battle to post the pamphlets. The Conservative Party printer worked overtime and on 16th April, at 4pm, I rushed to the great envelope stuffing ritual under the supervision of Gloria Lumley, a senior local Conservative Party stalwart. Her team was just a lovely elderly lady, Margaret; who congratulated me for having the courage to change my party. The pair had been folding and licking since 2pm. We struggled on till 6pm and it was gratifying to see the piles of brown manilas that would soon be franked and dropping on the mats of Elwoe residents courtesy of the Royal Mail. On 18th April , I had to break yet another break from campaigning as my sister’s 70th birthday took me south to a family celebration and trip to eat oysters in France. Back on the 24th, the dogs were collected from kennels again and now it was time to start knocking on doors and tracking down those precious pledges. The task of calling on very constituent would need an army of volunteers. I made a brave start on Saturday 26th and found a few friends on the way. The C’s- a definite sign of a pledge from me began to fill the sheets but there is still so much to do and time is so short, …

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