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Campign Updates

Since my feverish haste to submit my election papers on 25th March, that first vital step to return to local politics, I’ve been far away from the campaign trail. Vietnam and Cambodia are now just visa stamps in the passport and warm memories of paddy fields and temples, water buffalo at work and thousands of scooters streaming across the major cities. Back to earth and to Ewloe on 10th April, to learn that work still had to be done on our joint campaign news letter; the first salvo that introduced me as the new competitor for a the Ewloe seat together with my running mate, Mike Warburton the current Conservative councillor for that ward. 12th April. St David’s Hotel car park. Great relief when Will Gallagher, the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary candidate rolled up with a large pile of badly needed “Ewloe matters” leaflets hot from the press. Now all Mike and I had to do was to deliver them to the 1900 plus residents we needed to persuade to vote for us. By 12 15pm, I had pushed the first batch through letter boxes and had drawn blood as a result. I soon discovered that most of the newer doors …..


Family Fortunes Nothing matters more to the future of our country and our economy than education. Children need a proper chance to learn. But under Labour many things are going badly wrong in our schools. Almost half of ll year olds leave school unable to read, write or add up properly. The UK is failing down international league tables of educational performance. Conservatives want schools where pupils turn up and the head teacher knows their names, schools where there is proper discipline, schools where they use tried and tested teaching methods, schools where churches, voluntary bodies, and local businesses are encouraged to get involved. We will work to make our exam system rigorous and believable for the long term by bringing in business, universities and other organisations with an interest in restoring the credibility of our exams. But It is not just at school that we have to get the environment right; children need support at home and at play. We all know that the best organisation for bringing up children, giving us the right values, helping us get on with life, looking after us if we are sick or disabled, and caring for the elderly, is the family. In …..

Fair Deal for Flintshire

Is It a Fair Deal for Flintshire? Residents in Flintshire are getting a poor deal, and the current Labour majority on the council seem both unable and unwilling to do anything about it. It is time for change at County Hall! Conservative candidate for Ewloe, Alison Halford, said, ‘It is an absolute disgrace. We are now paying almost twice as much in Council tax as we were 10 years ago, but what improvements have we seen for our money?’ Last year, schools in Flintshire received less money for each pupil than schools in Cheshire, Wirral, Wrexham, Denbighshire and Conwy! What’s more, the Council did not actually spend all the money it had allocated for our schools. By contrast, Flintshire did manage to the priorities and concerns of local spend £13m on agency staff to support County Hall administration. Discussing these figures, Alison noted that, `This just proves how wrong the Council have got their priorities. Investing in our schools is a vital investment for our future. The Council is letting us down badly.’ But it’s not just education. We all know that crime is rising, and that anti-social behaviour is a problem for many local communities. However, Police in South …..

Save our P.O.

SAVE OUR POST OFFICE! Since Labour came to power, 1 in every 4 Post Offices has been closed, with another 2500 to be shut down over the next 12 months. It won’t be until October that we know whether the Ewloe Post Office is going to close for ever. Local Conservative, Will Gallagher, is leading a campaign to save our post-offices, because he believes they provide vital services, particularly to the most, vulnerable people in our society. `To close the village post office would be to rip’ the heart out of the community. I can’t believe that our local MP, Mark Tami, actually voted in Parliament to support this closure programme. There is a better alternative, so that Post Offices can become thriving small businesses again, providing a full range of facilities and services to the local area. At the moment, the government is taking services away from the Post Office, making it more difficult for them to survive.’ The Conservatives have developed a comprehensive plan to support Post Offices, and prevent further closures. Sub-Post Offices need to be given more freedom to offer a wider range of business services; Post Offices could become ‘One Stop Shops’ with trained staff …..