Stupid ~ An Open Letter to North Wales Police Authority

Dear Members,

The humiliating epithet that described your chief constable in the 16th November Chronicle, must surely apply to you as the Authority responsible for overseeing an effective and efficient force. You are a collection of JPs, Home Office ‘Place People’, (serving with Home Office approval) and elected councillors, entrusted to serve the people who captured our vote. As allegedly responsible people, why do you allow the chief constable to continue to heap embarrassment on a fine profession with gaffe after gaffe? You dictate the length of this officer’s contract. You alone can mount a discipline enquiry into his continued poor judgement and together with other unfortunate mishaps; you know why he was unceremoniously removed as the ACPO spokesperson on traffic issues. I possess a letter signed by a former chairman agreeing that the chief constable had been intemperate in lashing out at me through a letter’s page when I chided him in a column over his performance years ago. His Authority agreed to offer him advice! Mr Brunstrom’s collective failings makes him barely fit to hold the office of constable let alone be allowed to continue to lead a major Welsh force ( Should I be the judge? Who better?) I was a senior police officer too when such behaviour just did not happen.

Does the reason for such spineless ineptitude stem from the fact that you take your lead from the two senior members with whom I served when I was an Authority member in 1995 to 1999 and as you are delighted to be part of the prestigious Chief Constable’s Club you roll over and keep stum. Should not the public know that one JP member has served since 1991, (unelected and seemingly untouchable), and chaired the Authority between 1999 and 2000, a period critical to the downfall of the Force’s top lawyer. Richard Brunstrom was not in charge of the force whilst the Authority were cynically doing the bidding of his predecessor to get rid of her. She had unwittingly committed a breach of trust, deemed so serious by the chiefs all because she failed to give the Chiefs the chance of sanitising a report before it came to the Authority.

Our long standing OBE, DL JP member is a barrister, yet ignoring possible conflict of interest as being a members made him party to the employment of the lawyer, who also worked for the Police Authority (she being an Authority appointment), he then chaired the Grievance Panel that judged the lawyer’s complaint that she had been discriminated against by the chief officers. In fairness, the Police Authority paid for an independent review of the grievance complaint but when the experienced official reported that the lawyer had a case and recommended settlement, this advice was ignored. The JP led Grievance Panel dismissed her case and immediately the Authority spent more public money on employing another independent person’ to trawl for evidence to commence disciplinary action against her. Months before, an internal audit congratulated the lawyer on her Department’s efficiency and she received a pay rise.

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