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Stupid ~ An Open Letter to North Wales Police Authority

Dear Members, The humiliating epithet that described your chief constable in the 16th November Chronicle, must surely apply to you as the Authority responsible for overseeing an effective and efficient force. You are a collection of JPs, Home Office ‘Place People’, (serving with Home Office approval) and elected councillors, entrusted to serve the people who captured our vote. As allegedly responsible people, why do you allow the chief constable to continue to heap embarrassment on a fine profession with gaffe after gaffe? You dictate the length of this officer’s contract. You alone can mount a discipline enquiry into his continued poor judgement and together with other unfortunate mishaps; you know why he was unceremoniously removed as the ACPO spokesperson on traffic issues. I possess a letter signed by a former chairman agreeing that the chief constable had been intemperate in lashing out at me through a letter’s page when I chided him in a column over his performance years ago. His Authority agreed to offer him advice! Mr Brunstrom’s collective failings makes him barely fit to hold the office of constable let alone be allowed to continue to lead a major Welsh force ( Should I be the judge? Who …..