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Peter Hain for Labour Deputy?

Although Rhodri Morgan is deeply immersed in the problems of keeping his party in power in Cardiff, and frantically attempting to find someone from the ‘Rainbow Coalition’ to keep his government afloat, he was on the ball when he threw his support behind Harriet Harman for the Deputy Leadership contest. Peter Hain’s website gives a slideshow of which MPs and AMs are supporting him. Not that many considering that the Welsh Secretary should be able to rely on his numerous Welsh MPs and AMs. Paul Flynn MP, a man I rate has changed his mind but the ever moving blurb on the website does not go into detail. Not surprising really!Peter and I were great chums during my first fledgling steps across the Labour Party threshold when I was picking my way to becoming a candidate to stand as an AM. Whenever we met, he would tease me that I had arrested him when I was a Metropolitan bobby and he was the great anti-apartheid supremo. I have no recollection of feeling his collar although I had been on duty when the police almost lost the battle of Grosvenor Square, when the American Embassy almost fell to an angry mob. …..