Standards Must be Kept by ALL Elected Representatives

17th March 2007.

Dear Monitoring Officer,

Councillor T Renshaw- Complaint under Councillor rules for unbecoming conduct and bullying behaviour.

I attended a meeting that was hosted in County Hall on 16th March 2007 where members of the public who have formed themselves into a pressure group, People for Proper Policing in North Wales.(PPP) met to give presentations to the audience about numerous concerns relating to the North Wales Police. Cllr Renshaw was seated close to the door and he seemed very off-hand when I acknowledged him. The chairman, a Mr Bill Shaw was hardly allowed to finish his opening remarks when Cllr Renshaw began a tirade against the PPP members. How had details of the meeting been circulated was his opening salvo and he refused to accept that flyers had been placed in councillors message boxes. He accused PPP of all having speeding fines, and abusively and aggressively refused to stop interrupting despite the best and patient efforts of the chairman to get the meeting back to some order. Several people were becoming concerned with Cllr Renshaw?s continued hectoring and obstructive manner, particularly when he announced it was his intention to disrupt the meeting and implied that he was not leaving until he was ejected by the police. As a councillor, used to chairing meetings and knowing the importance of group discipline, and more importantly Flintshire?s Police Authority representative, his attitude was shocking.

A disabled gentleman sitting behind Cllr Renshaw offered to eject him, despite his disability and finally, after pleas from attendees, including Cllr Hampson to allow the PPP meeting to progress; the councillor then flounced out. Had he refused to go, then I believe a fracas would have occurred as the ?disabled? person appeared in no mood to allow the interruptions to continue.

It was very clear that Cllr. Renshaw?s behaviour was outrageous and he brought the Authority into disrepute by his intemperate outburst. I think that suspension should be considered until the facts are fully investigated as his suitability for public office under Nolan principles must be questioned. Participants could not believe that Mr Renshaw was both a councillor and member of the North Wales Police Authority.

I am extremely worried that Cllr Renshaw is representing my interests on this powerful committee when policing and the every increasing price in the police precept is a real issue to the community. The behaviour I witnessed was not that of a reasonable and rational individual.


I would be obliged if you let me know how I can progress this complaint at your early convenience please and I am prepared to make a statement describing the shocking behaviour of a Council representative.

Yours truly,

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