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Parish Life

I got a proposal of marriage on Monday. I’ve known the proposer for some forty years and he managed to track me down a few months ago. I fear I am far to old to get hitched and the animals might not be accepted, but it cheered me up no end. My spiritual life has been rather upended by trouble with the Catholic priest in my parish and things have come to such a state, that I can no longer worship there and must now wander round the other local churches in order to fulfil my Sunday duty to hear Mass. The problem started not with me but with two very devout parishioners, who were the mainstay of the church. One played an instrument every Sunday and the other looked after the financial affairs of collecting our dues. The couple were embroiled in a huge row in the church when the priest’s housekeeper found the need to challenge them. I was not there but the story, much repeated indicated that it was a one sided spat and after that, the couple were so upset, they never returned to the church despite much pleading and cajoling from parish members.