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My Fur family grew by one on 15th January when a Short Haired British Chocolate Tabby aged six months joined the gang of Hufflepuff, Bunter and Fidget. Her breeder, Jill told me to plonk her down by the dogs and it would all work out. Gingerly, holding her beyond reach, I showed her to each dog. A look of pure malice sprang into the normally loving eyes of the Schnauzer and Fidget the miniature Dachshund looked equally unwelcoming. Bunter, the Pug was beside himself with curiosity and would have risked a paw in his face had I followed breeder?s advice. New tactics were required and thus little Coriander plus litter tray and food was taken up to the bathroom and a barrier firmly placed at the bottom of the staircase.


She took refuge in the smallest space under a bedroom table which had to be dismantled to get her out. This hide and seek routine went on all day until the evening when I took her downstairs to meet the dogs by slow degrees. I rang a cat friend for advice. ?She?s be the boss?, Cat friend pronounced authoritively. I had my doubts as the dogs showed no sign in losing their keenness to get near to her. Having bought her I had no option but to persevere and by Thursday, cat and another shared my lap. . By Friday, Coriander was showing interest in coming all the way down stairs and into the fray. Fidget lost her cool and made a little run at Coriander who slid under the nearest chair and out of harm?s way on Saturday. By Sunday, she ventured into their midst and wandered around the kitchen, even stopping to drink from THEIR bowl. The dogs stared rudely but made no attempt to touch her and politely averted their eyes when she glided past them. They watched in fascination when Coriander began her scratching block routine and chased a ball around the floor. It was better than a night at the movies for them.


Unfazed by the audience, she then stretched out of a snoof, one usually reserved for Bunter. She was rather unhappy when he unwittingly joined her and she got a little squashed but being a well behaved little cat, she only waved a paw and did not use those well sharpened claws.


So, in under two weeks, Cat Friend?s advice has come true. I think it is now safe enough to leave them unsupervised and now I have another beautiful creature to admire and cosset. I think the hounds rather like her too.

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