Secrets of speeding fines


Secrets of speeding fines.             Blog from Alison Halford.  3-12-06


The Justices should be called to account.  Every time we about read such blatant favouritism, the whole system of justice losses still further credibility.  Police officers should not be allowed to break the speed limit for footling reasons and sadly, the officer?s pathetic excuse lent further weight to doubts on his suitability to wear the uniform.  The Lord Chancellor should challenge all JP?s who behave so indiscriminately and they too should consider their positions!    

Now, for the latest crazy injustice surrounding those hated cameras.  Our local paper, the Flintshire Evening Leader has had a request turn down under the Freedom of Information Act to discover how much Flintshire motorists had forked out in speeding fines last year.  Reason,? Not in the public interest?.  This is sheer rot and Arrive Alive, sponsored by the Police and Health Trusts, should not be allowed to hide behind this pathetic excuse particularly when it is so easy to get caught.  Whilst going to choir practise a few weeks ago;, raising money for charity with their performances needless to say, six of them are caught separately approximately at the same time and in the same venue.  They were not aware of any speeding device until the Notice of Intended Prosecution arrived.   Rather than risk the humiliation of a court appearance and the chance f copping an ever heftier fine, they all paid up.  Not only did these decent people have to pay the fine, they feel tainted as a criminal and of course, insurers can take account of points too when the policy is due for renewal.  Police Man ?Chinese-take away? Plod has been spared all this.

When we have a change of Government, I hope the Conservatives will put an end to a plethora of speed traps, fixed or mobile or whatever.  Failing that if we are caught then surely it must be for more than five lousy miles over the limit!  JP?s must be made to act fairly and punish police as well as public. If Arrive Alive are too embarrassed to tell us just how much they have coined on speed fines, that partnership should be broken up.  Certainly in Flintshire, we are fed up with money grabbing, expensive sham that operates under the guise of health and safety and causes so much expense and anguish to decent, law abiding citizens.

How Flintshire people are punished for going a few miles over the limit and with nine cameras hunting us down across the country, it?s a real money earner for the Arrive Alive/Police partnership.  The unfairness in how punishment is applied to those caught is another shocking indictment to those in authority over us.  Pensioner Betty is caught on Gladstone Way, Hawarden by a mobile device, having already run the gauntlet of a fixed camera in the same road.  She then reads that a police officer speeds to collect his Chinese take-away- (ON DUTY) and the dumb Magistrates let him off!  Imagine the outrage and sense of unfairness.  She has to stump up sixty pounds from her pension whilst our well paid enforcer of the law is smiling all the way back for his next order at the Chip Shop.

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