Fair Dues to Clwyd Theatr Cymru (the National Theatre of Wales?)

Dear Alison,
                  With your interest in Clwyd Theatr Cymru I thought you would appreciate this.

Dear Sandy,
                   It is a year or so since I was a Governor of Clwyd Theatr Cymru, but as you know I maintain a keen interest in developments.  I was stunned by last night’s Wales Today coverage (if you did not see the programme you can visit it on the Wales Today website). Getting money for CTC has always been a bit like drawing teeth. CTC had/has the international reputation and it appeared in the first term of the Assembly the recognition as Wales’ National Theatre’. Terry Hands always maintained the highest standards and that on a tight budget from the ACW, yet Peter Tyndal is gung-ho about flashing out money for another venture. Money is to be spent yet again in South Wales, which has more than the lion’s share of prestigious establishments, creating the ‘National Theatre of Wales’ . I understood CTC was the only producing and touring English language Theatre in Wales. Certainly the Director and Associate Director have the reputation and recognition. It was a hard pill to swallow hearing North Wales AM Alun Pugh setting aside £0.75m in this year’s budget for this venture which is projected to cost £2m, and using that argument as a reason to ensure the budget got through. Why dilute the support for CTC? Why start something new which cannot match what we have? Why not allow North Wales one feather in its cap?
                 I do hope you can assure me this is not a political ploy to sustain a Labour AM in Caerphilly? I trust too that you can emphasise and assert with the greatest vigour the international standing and national significance of Clwyd Theatr Cymru: we have the Director with his enormous English National Theatre experience and reputation and an excellent production director in the shape of Tim Baker, who has a raft of triumphs to his name and has done monumental work in developing the youth and education aspect of CTC. You may be aware of the approaching conference on youth theatre to be attended by Jane Davidson at CTC?
                 What has been the outcome of the planned Trustee arrangement for CTC, and what is the response of the CTC Board to this development: I trust that you are in close communications with the Board and management?   
                          Peter York
Dr P. A. York

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