6 December 2001

Training for Audio Visual Industry Sectors

Q2 Alison Halford:

What action has the Minister taken to provide suitable training for the audio visual industry sectors in Wales? (OAQ14481)

Andrew Davies:

Training in Wales is a matter for my colleague, the Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning. However, the Assembly Government supports a range of programmes to help employers in the industry to train their staff. In addition to funding, through the Education and Learning Wales councils, higher and further education courses and apprenticeship programmes, we have funded the industry with £96,500 for various training projects over the last two years.

Alison Halford:

Will you tell me how the plan to use the Wales Digital College for courses tailored for the audio visual industry is developing? What steps have you taken to ensure that the college’s benefits are felt throughout Wales in terms of inward investment and increasing the skills base of the industry?

Helen Mary Jones:

Bearing in mind the potential contribution of these industries to economic development in rural Wales, what steps is the Government taking to ensure that this type of training is available through the medium of Welsh?

Andrew Davies:

That is a priority for delivering training programmes for my ministerial colleague, Jane Davidson. A major priority of ‘Cymru Ar-lein’, our information technology strategy for Wales, is promoting the use of the Welsh language. Ensuring that material is available bilingually is one of our top five priorities.


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