4 January 2002

Q10 Alison Halford:

 What consideration has the Minister given to providing the Assembly with broadband or ADSL? (OAQ15165)


Andrew Davies:

The information technology sub-group of the House Committee is currently considering the potential for ADSL connections to constituency offices. The Assembly Government will consider any recommendation on ADSL from the House Committee in due course.
In the longer term, it is intended that the replacement contract for OSIRIS will provide an integrated voice and data network for all parts of the Assembly, operating at significantly higher speeds than it is presently possible to provide. Improving the speed of connection at affordable cost to Members’ constituency offices and, where appropriate, their homes, is one of the main drivers for this aspect of the new procurement. The replacement contract will be in place in January 2004. How quickly it can be used to improve communication links is not yet known.Additionally, in a joint exercise with the Welsh Development Agency, work is underway to identify options to extend the network being established as a result of the Assembly’s broadband lifelong learning initiative beyond its original remit of local authorities, schools and other learning centres.


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