Minister for Education 27.6.02

Schools in Delyn

Alison Halford:

 Further to WAQ18200, how much of the £293 million has been given to schools in Delyn? (WAQ18641)

Jane Davidson:

 I am unable to provide figures by constituency. Allocations are provided to local authorities and it is for them to decide which of their schools benefit in any given year in light of local needs and priorities.

Schools Capital Programmes


Alison Halford:

 Further to WAQ18200, how much of the £293 million for schools capital programmes has been spent so far? (WAQ18642)
Jane Davidson: The Assembly is making the £293 million available for capital investment in schools for the period 2001-02 to 2003-04.
Of this, £164.9 million is general capital funding and decisions about its use are taken by local authorities in light of local needs and priorities, and £109,878,000 has been allocated to date. Outturn information is not yet available. A further £98.7 million is grant funding under the New Deal for schools and school buildings improvement grant programmes. To date, around 800 projects valued at £56 million have been proposed by authorities and approved by the Assembly Government. Finally, £28 million is funding for voluntary aided schools and, to date, £18.5 million has been made available to support around 110 projects.

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