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Minister for Finance Local Government and Communities 26.4.02 Corporate Social Responsibility Alison Halford: What is the Minister doing to encourage community responsibility of companies in Wales? (WAQ17205) The Minister for Finance, Local Government and Communities (Edwina Hart): Many aspects of corporate social responsibility cover non-devolved matters, such as reporting to Companies House and ethical trading. However, there is also scope for the Assembly Government to encourage corporate social responsibility in a number of ways in making progress with its policies. Specific areas on which the Assembly Government’s policies have impacted to encourage corporate social responsibility have been in generating the community loans fund between Finance Wales and HSBC, the WDA’s sponsorship of Menter a Busnes awards for companies using and promoting the Welsh language, and the voluntary code of practice for suppliers.


  Minister for Finance Local Government and Communities 19.4.02     Sources of Funding Alison Halford: Are the Communities First funded initiatives and all structural fund funded initiatives two separate and non-dependent sources of financing? (WAQ17206) Edwina Hart: Yes. However, Communities First moneys can be used to match fund structural fund initiatives.   Vandalism in Delyn Alison Halford: What action is the Minster taking to combat vandalism in Delyn? (WAQ17207) Edwina Hart: A range of measures can be used to combat vandalism in an area. The work of the crime and disorder reduction partnerships, set up under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, in formulating local strategies for the reduction of crime and disorder, is crucial in securing local commitment to effective action on vandalism. The Home Office partnership development fund provided financial support to all Welsh partnerships in 2001-02 to help with their capacity building and with the cost of producing revised strategies by April 2002. Over £34,000 went to the Flintshire partnership. Closed circuit television can be an effective means of detecting and reducing vandalism, and CCTV coverage for Mold town centre is being funded by a £81,000 Home Office grant. In addition, £86,000 in Welsh Assembly Government …..


Minister for Education 27.6.02 Schools in Delyn Alison Halford:  Further to WAQ18200, how much of the £293 million has been given to schools in Delyn? (WAQ18641) Jane Davidson:  I am unable to provide figures by constituency. Allocations are provided to local authorities and it is for them to decide which of their schools benefit in any given year in light of local needs and priorities. Schools Capital Programmes   Alison Halford:  Further to WAQ18200, how much of the £293 million for schools capital programmes has been spent so far? (WAQ18642) Jane Davidson: The Assembly is making the £293 million available for capital investment in schools for the period 2001-02 to 2003-04. Of this, £164.9 million is general capital funding and decisions about its use are taken by local authorities in light of local needs and priorities, and £109,878,000 has been allocated to date. Outturn information is not yet available. A further £98.7 million is grant funding under the New Deal for schools and school buildings improvement grant programmes. To date, around 800 projects valued at £56 million have been proposed by authorities and approved by the Assembly Government. Finally, £28 million is funding for voluntary aided schools and, to date, …..


Minister for Education 1.6.02   Extra Money for Education   Alison Halford: When did the Minister announce an extra £293 million for education? (WAQ18200) Jane Davidson: The £293 million for schools capital programmes for the period 2001-02 to 2003-04 was contained in the National Assembly for Wales’s final budget for 2001-02 to 2003-04, which was laid on 29 November 2000 and approved in Plenary on 7 December 2000.Youth Crime in North Wales Alison Halford: What action is the Minister taking to reduce youth crime in north Wales? (WAQ17213) Transferred for answer by the Minister for Health and Social Services The Minister for Health and Social Services (Jane Hutt): Criminal justice is not a matter devolved to the Assembly. The primary responsibility for tackling youth crime rests with the Home Office and the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales. Multi-agency youth offending teams are now the main means by which youth crime is tackled. Each youth offending team, including the four in north Wales, is required to produce and implement an annual plan. A key performance measure for every youth offending team is the need to reduce offending by young people. To assist in this important work the Welsh Assembly …..


Minister for Education 9.5.02   Education in Delyn (National Council Funds)   Alison Halford:  How much of the corporate strategy and plan of the National Council for Education and Training for Wales’s £1.5 billion budget, announced on 11 March 2002, will be spent to help education in Delyn? (WAQ17564)   Jane Davidson: The national council’s expenditure plans for the current financial year are set out in its operational plan, which I approved in April. The operational plan takes account of the strategic goals and priorities that were published in the council’s corporate strategy and corporate plan—the specific requirements and budgetary provision for 2002-03 which I issued to the council in my annual remit letter in March—and the initial regional assessments of need prepared by the council’s regional committees (with input from the community consortia for education and training).The council’s corporate plan also takes account of the budgetary provision made available by the Welsh Assembly Government for 2002-03, together with indicative budget figures for 2003-04 and 2004-05. These indicative figures are subject to possible revision in the forthcoming comprehensive spending review.  Education in Delyn (New Opportunities Fund) Alison Halford: How much will Delyn’s local education authority be receiving from the joint …..


Minister for Education 26.4.02 Youth Issues Alison Halford: What is the Minister doing to deal with youth issues such as those faced by thousands of Welsh young people when they leave home and begin to live independently of their families? (WAQ17132) The Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning (Jane Davidson): The issues facing young people Minister for Education 26.4.02 Youth Issues Alison Halford: What is the Minister doing to deal with youth issues such as those faced by thousands of Welsh young people when they leave home and begin to live independently of their families? (WAQ17132) The Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning (Jane Davidson): The issues facing young people when they leave home and begin to live independently are many, varied and complex. Some of these issues, such as finding somewhere to live, keeping in good health, and feeling safe in their new communities, are the direct responsibility of Cabinet colleagues. Others, such as adequate and appropriate welfare benefits, come under Whitehall Government departments. More often than not, these issues impact upon each other and require genuine and innovative cross-cutting approaches. The important thing is that we ensure that we give all young people in Wales the very best …..


Minister for Education 19.4.02 Dyspraxia and Dyslexia amongst School Pupils in North Wales   Alison Halford: Will the Minister indicate what progress is being made to deal with dyspraxia and dyslexia amongst school pupils in North Wales? (WAQ17214)   The Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning (Jane Davidson):  I was pleased to fund a one-year project by the Prosiect Dyslecsia Cymru/Welsh Dyslexia Project. The project is aimed at producing a well-trialled bilingual diagnostic test for dyslexic children in Wales. The test, which is being developed in association with the University of Bangor, will be made available this summer. I have also made funds available to Prosiect Dyslexia Cymru/Welsh Dyslexia Project to develop a dyslexia-friendly schools initiative. The project will pilot a dyslexia-friendly model in a growing number of participating local authorities (including Gwynedd and Denbighshire) and offer support and inset training to teachers. I have also asked my officials to meet professionals from the field of dyspraxia and I understand that they have invited research proposals to enable us to take forward our work in this area.


Minister for Economic Development  6.3.02 Broadband for Delyn Alison Halford: What percentage of the £18 million broadband budget will Delyn receive? (WAQ18195) The Minister for Economic Development (Andrew Davies): Of the £18.4 million broadband budget, £9.9 million was for the provision of multimedia equipment for schools. The table below gives the allocation for each local education authority. The other part of the funding, £8.4 million, was for the provision of the Welsh lifelong learning network, procured in March 2002. The Welsh lifelong learning network is a three-year contract to provide a single high-capacity internet point of presence in each unitary authority, paid for by the Assembly Government. In addition to the £18.4 million, assistance with the costs of local area networks is also being provided to all authorities for the next three years, to connect to the point of presence and to provide training and support. Allocation of multimedia equipment funding by LEA Blaenau Gwent  £231,000 Bridgend  £378,000 Caerphilly  £588,000 Cardiff £752,500 Carmarthenshire  £738,500 Ceredigion  £392,000 Conwy  £357,000 Denbighshire  £346,500 Flintshire  £486,500 Gwynedd  £630,000 Isle of Anglesey  £276,500 Merthyr Tydfil  £203,000 Monmouthshire  £224,000 Neath Port Talbot  £462,000 Newport  £339,500 Pembrokeshire  £427,000 Powys  £619,500 Rhondda Cynon Taff  £829,500 Swansea  £591,500 Torfaen  …..


Minister for Economic Development 1.6.02 WDA Expenditure on Cardiff Bay Alison Halford: How much did the Welsh Development Agency spend on Cardiff bay in 2000-01 and 2001-02? (WAQ18179) Andrew Davies:  Gross expenditure by the Welsh Development Agency associated with Cardiff bay development assets in 2000-01 and 2001-02 was £1.023 million and £1.765 million respectively. In 2000-01 expenditure on all aspects of Bute Avenue, including the unitary payment, was £2.392 million. In 2001-02 it was £5.929 million. Definition of ‘When It Is Appropriate’Alison Halford: Following on from WAQ17680 will the Minister define exactly what he means by ‘when it is appropriate’? (WAQ18180)Andrew Davies: Detailed reports will continue to be provided to Economic Development Committee as and when key developments warrant a report. Where there are less significant issues, which are not detailed enough to warrant a separate item on the Committee’s agenda, I will continue to report as necessary through my Minister’s report.  WDA Expenditure on Cardiff Bay (Excluding Grant Payments) Alison Halford: Following on from WAQ17752, how much has the Assembly paid to Cardiff Harbour Authority in 2000-01 and 2001-02, excluding the grant payments of £23.95 million for 2000-01 and £11.84 million for 2001-02? (WAQ18184) Andrew Davies: Excluding the grant …..


Minister for Economic Development 17.5.02   Commercially Confidential Offer Letters Alison Halford:  Following WAQ17141, when will the Minister be able to release all or part of the information in the offer letters that were classes as ‘commercially confidential’ since January 2000? (WAQ17545)Substantive answer following holding reply issued on 13 May. The Minister for Economic Development (Andrew Davies): As indicated earlier, the information on total grants above £75,000 are already routinely published in ‘Labour Market Trends’ once the first instalment of grant has been paid.If you are interested in particular companies, I will be happy to look at the information, which could be released either because a first instalment of grant had been paid or because the company had agreed to certain details going into publicity.   Unlicensed Fixed Wireless Broadband   Alison Halford:  What consideration has the Minister given to using ‘unlicensed fixed wireless broadband’, similar to that used in rural America as a reliable and low-cost alternative to fibre-optic cable as a solution to rural connectivity, particularly in north Wales? (WAQ17560)Substantive answer following holding reply issued on 14 May. Andrew Davies: Wireless technology offers opportunities to bring broadband to areas of Wales where no other solution will be commercially …..