Minister for Economic Development 2.5.02


Independent Groundwater Complaints Administrator
Alison Halford:

Will the Minister state whether the Assembly or the Cardiff Harbour Authority is meeting the salary, equipment and other associated costs connected with the employment of the independent groundwater complaints administrator announced on 16 April 2002? (WAQ17563)

Andrew Davies:

The Assembly Government appoints the independent groundwater complaints administrator. It is a fee-paid appointment and the IGCA is neither an employee of the Crown nor Cardiff County Council or Cardiff Harbour Authority. The Assembly Government is responsible for meeting the fees and other costs associated with the IGCA office, but, for administrative reasons, these are paid via the council or the harbour authority.
Within the ‘quantified/fixed cost’ budget element of the overall funding, the Assembly Government provides the council/harbour authority with a budget of £20,000 per annum to cover the IGCA costs. This is subject to indexation. It should also be noted that the Welsh Assembly Government could be required to offer limited financial indemnity should legal action arise as a result of any decision of the IGCA.

Transferring the Tourism Portfolio

Alison Halford:

What discussions has the Minister had regarding the transfer of ‘tourism’ to the Minister for Culture, Sport and the Welsh Language’s portfolio? (WAQ17544)


Andrew Davies:

I have had no discussions regarding the transfer of ‘tourism’ to any other portfolio.

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